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This article is about the Universe Autobot. For the Generation One Autobot, see Whirl (G1).

Whirl is an Autobot from the Universe war.

Right round like a record, baby.

Whirl is all soldier. No surprise, really, given that his home planet, Combatron, housed some of Cybertron's finest fighting forces - and then played host to an apocalyptic, world-spanning fratricidal war. Whirl survived all that, and is determined do his duty, even as his dead world crumbles around him. In this grim task, he is assisted by his Mini-Con companions Thunderstick, Skysickle, and Grip-Lock.

"Private Whirl of the Combatron Atlas Army, Forty-Sixth Armored Flying Division, Tenth South-Wing Platoon, Hailfire Squad Number Eight-Three-Nine, The Fighting Eight-Three-Nines, sir!"
―Whirl introduces himself to Longrack[[Force of Habit| [src]]]


Timelines: Cybertron

A survivor of the wars that devastated Combatron after the disappearance of King Atlas, Whirl was assigned to guard a vault containing a "doomsday arsenal" of dangerous weapons. Four hundred stellar cycles passed, during which Whirl faithfully maintained his post, with only Thunderstick, Grip-Lock, and Skysickle for company. During the Unicron Singularity crisis, Whirl engaged the Autobot Blurr in combat, having been alerted to the presence of intruders by his Mini-Con allies. Although he was nearly overwhelmed by the Velocitronian's Cyber Key-enhanced speed, the battle was won thanks to the assistance of Thunderstick and Skysickle. He soon encountered Blurr's teammates Longrack, Checkpoint and Armorhide, the former of whom convinced Whirl—in no uncertain terms—that they were all on the same side. With his new allies, Whirl confronted the Decepticons who had landed on the planet and claimed the vault's arsenal for themselves. Whirl tried to destroy the Decepticons' purloined scanner template, but was overwhelmed by Brushguard's army of Decepticlones. The battered warrior rose up and battled Brushguard, only to find himself entrapped by one of the Decepticon botanist's weaponized plants. He recovered in time to rescue Armorhide from his semi-successful kamikaze attack on the arsenal. (Semi-successful in that the arsenal was destroyed, but Armorhide was not.) He and his new allies then left Combatron on the Decepticons' ship Upstart, which the Mini-Cons had commandeered in the battle. Force of Habit

3H Universe comics

Whirl was one of the many dimension-displaced Cybertronians released from the Cauldron due to the actions of Silverbolt and Trailbreaker. Escape



Oh, sure, I'd love to take some Mini-Cons. Even though I don't have any connectors...

  • Autobot Whirl with Makeshift and Gunbarrel (Ultra, 2004)
    • Accessories: Left & right turbine-cannon launchers, 2 missiles, rotor blades
A redeco of the Generation One Turbomaster Rotorstorm, Whirl transforms into a Cybertronic assault helicopter. His missile launchers were retooled in order to fire new missiles that passed US safety testing (the actual missile mold is the same as used by Energon Omega Supreme). Pressing a small button just behind his rotor drops the cannons down to firing position. His rotor blades can detach and be held in his hand, but lack the jointing needed to be held like a normal sword. (He can certainly slice horizontally with them, though.)
He came with the Mini-Cons Makeshift and Gunbarrel (who would later be retconned into Skysickle and Thunderstick, respectively), but doesn't have the necessary Powerlinx connectors to use them.
This mold was also used to make Machine Wars Sandstorm.


A whole new Whirl! A new, fantastic gaming piece! No one can knock him down, or paint him brown, or say his turn is over...

  • Whirl (Booster, 2007)
Attacktix ID number: TF14
Faction: Autobot
Class: Warrior
Special: Evade
Point Cost: 30
Base Speed: 4
Attack Type: Shooter (twin launchers)
Part of the ("on-hiatus") series-2 Booster Pack assortment (blind-packed boxes containing one "Rare" and one "Super Rare" piece each), Attacktix Whirl is a Super Rare 30-Point Warrior piece, depicting Whirl in his vehicle mode. He has two spring-loaded launchers (which are only slightly more oversized than normal for a Turbomaster) that each fire a standard Attacktix missile. His copter-portion can also separate from the base, tethered to it by a string, which can be used to "air-lift" another piece and move it to a new location without using any of the lifted pieces' movement "tix". His Special Power, "Evade", does something that we don't know what yet.
Seems like this sucker could absolutely dominate a board. However, as the Attacktix line was canceled before this piece was released, we'll never know for sure.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

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