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This article is about the Generation One Autobot. For the Universe Autobot, see Whirl (Universe).

Vorns before Optimus Primal coined the phrase "Sometimes crazy works.", Whirl was living it in action. He believes that, logically speaking, insanity makes an extremely effective weapon. Enemies flee in terror before the absolutely insane maneuvers Whirl pulls on the battlefield. His extreme maneuverability in helicopter mode lets him spin, bob, weave, dive and bank like someone totally out of control or himself out of his mind. Needless to say, Whirl is a rather reckless fighter and can take damage because of it. He is okay with that, because he absolutely loves his job.

Whirl is a member of the elite Wreckers unit.

French name (Canada): Tourbillon


Marvel Comics continuity

As a member of the elite Wreckers unit on Cybertron, Whirl took part in the assassination of the warlord Trannis before taking part in the botched operation Volcano. Target: 2006 He disappeared from the Wreckers roster soon afterwards, without explanation.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Marvel UK future timelines

In an alternate version of 2510, Whirl and the Wreckers led the final Autobot offensive against Decepticon held territory, bringing the war to a close. At the ceremony where he officially announced the end of the war, Rodimus Prime chose to make Springer, leader of the Wreckers, his successor as Autobot leader and carrier of the Creation Matrix. One Autobot named Triton objected to the idea, though: he said Springer was a fighter not a tactician, and Ultra Magnus would be a better leader for a world at peace. Whirl took offense to Triton putting down his commanding officer, and shoved the little guy in the back, asking where was his "precious Ultra Magnus" when the Wreckers were winning the war? Triton struck back, and the situation turned from bad to worse as the Technobots sided with Ultra Magnus against the Wreckers. Shots were fired, battlelines were drawn, and a new war picked up where the old one left off. Tragically, it seems no one took the time to examine Triton's fallen body, and the hidden Decepticon insignia on his chest. The last act of the last Decepticon was to see that there would never truly be peace on Cybertron. Peace

Dreamwave comics continuity

When the Autobots split into multiple factions after the disappearance of their leaders, Whirl joined Springer's group, known as the Wreckers. During the Dark Ages of Cybertron, he participated in an attack against Devastator. The War Within: The Dark Ages

Much later, during Shockwave's rule of Cybertron, Whirl continued with Wreckers, now a small unit of Autobots dedicated to keeping the peace wherever (and however) necessary. When Starscream released the Stunticons from their imprisonment in Cybertron's detention banks, the Wreckers were sent in to deal with the escapees. Unfortunately, both Whirl and Roadbuster were killed before Ultra Magnus brought down the Stunticons' combined form, Menasor. War and Peace

IDW comics continuity

Is Obsidianesque a word?

In the pre-war era, Whirl was still serving alongside his long time pal, Roadbuster, in the Kaon Security Service. As strong and silent as ever, he was there to witness the rise of Megatron and the Decepticons, the fall of Kaon, and the defeat of Sentinel Prime. Presumably, not the best reference on his resume. Megatron Origin

Much later, as with most other continuities, Whirl is a member of the Wreckers. He helped attack Bludgeon's forces when they resurrected Thunderwing. Stormbringer issue 3


Generation One

  • Whirl (Deluxe Autobot, 1985)
  • Accessories: "Null-Ray Module", "Paralyzo box", "Photon Beam Rifle", "Shell Cannon"

Shockwave's younger brother? Only in the wild world of fanfics.

Whirl transforms into a light blue VH-64 MR Ovelon Gazzette, which is similar to a Bell AH-1 Cobra. In this mode, he has two wing-mounted weapons installed: a Gatling-like "Shell Cannon" and a four-tube "Photon Beam Rifle".
In robot mode, Whirl is unusual in that he appears quite different from the other Transformers in the line at the time. He has no humanoid hands; instead, his arms end in a pair of mechanical pincers. A "Null-Ray Module" cannon can be fitted over either pincer, while his "Paralyzo-Box" weapon slides onto the fin on his right leg.
There is a variation in the construction of his canopy; while most are smooth and featureless, some have raised "cage" outlines on the edges.


  • Autobot Whirl (2004)
It is possible that this guy's supposed to be the original Whirl. C'mon, he's a blue Autobot helicopter, man! Or not. But to be safe...


  • Autobot Whirl (Legends, 2007)
  • Accessories: Rotor blade

ClassicsWhirl toy.jpg

A redeco of Legends of Cybertron Evac, Whirl transforms into a blue Eurocopter Dauphin rescue helicopter. A heavily simplified version of the Voyager-class Evac toy, his vehicle mode has a back mounted (non-firing) twin missile launcher which is carried onto his robot mode, and he is also armed with a rotor blade on his left arm which can rotate, but does not spin freely.
Limited in articulation, he can only move his arms up and down at the shoulder, though he does have ball-jointed hips and knees.



  • Autobot Whirl (Voyager, 2014)
  • Accessories: Null-Ray module, rocket pod, missile rack, chain gun.
Released in the new "Thrilling 30" part of the Generations line, this voyager figure is very accurate to his original toy, right down to the supplies sticker sheet. The only major differences to the original being his hight, the original is just a bit bigger, and the improved articulation, and the fact that this figure has been designed with "Chicken-legs".
Like the original, he turns into a helicopter resembling the AH-1 Cobra. He also has a third "Ger-Walk" mode.

3D Battle-Card Game

  • Whirl (2007)
A 30-point "rare" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Whirl "transforms" into a blue helicopter. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Blackout and Evac.


G1Whirl boxart.jpg

  • Both Whirl and Roadbuster, the Deluxe Autobots, were licensed from Takatoku by Hasbro for inclusion in the 1985 line, and hence were not included in the Japanese line, the cartoon, or the US Marvel comics. Whirl was originally the "Oberon Gazette" from the Armored Trooper Dorvack toyline, although the toy's dark and light blues were inverted for the Transformers release.
  • In recent years, toys sporting the name "Whirl" require an additional "Autobot" prefix for trademark reasons, hence making the official name "Autobot Whirl".

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