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Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes

Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes

Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes Where Is Thy Sting?/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

A crazed Wasp finds his way to Earth to exact his revenge on Bumblebee... but doesn't count on the Elite Guard playing a game of chase with him.

Japanese title: "Wasp's Revenge" (ワスプ の 復讐 Wasp no Fukushū)



The Elite Guard, without Ultra Magnus, travel through space to Earth, searching for the escaped Wasp, who is holding a grudge against Bumblebee. Longarm, fearing that his cover will be blown, requests that that they return to Cybertron.

Meanwhile, at the factory, Bumblebee is playing a video game of Ninja Gladiator, much to Prime's chagrin. He tells Bumblebee that he was supposed to be on monitor duty. But Bumblebee was bored from lack of Decepticon activity. Optimus reminds him that the Autobots are still waiting to contact Cybertron and warn the locals about Longarm's secret. Prime detects a visitor and orders Bumblebee to stay on the monitor while the others investigate. Bumblebee goes back to his game. Meanwhile, Sentinel Prime and Jazz land on Earth and discover rain. Sentinel orders Jazz to contact reinforcements and search for Wasp. Sentinel finds out that he can't travel in the rain on vehicle mode and decides to travel on, servo. While Bumblebee is still playing his game, thunder crashes, and the power goes out. A red light turns on, and a voice calls out to Bumblebee. Soon, Bumblebee was standing face-to-face with Wasp! Bumblebee tries to reason with Wasp, but to no avail. Bumblebee tries to call the others, but was quickly stopped by Wasp. Wasp uses a weapon to switch bodies with Bumblebee.

Later, Bumblebee regains consciousness in front of the other Autobots. Bumblebee tries to convince the others that he and Wasp switched places, but they don't believe him. Bumblebee shoots out the lights and makes a break for it. The Autobots begin to pursue him, only to run into Sentinel an Jazz. Optimus and Sentinel have their usual banter, up to the point when Optimus tells him about the identity of the real spy. Pigheaded as usual, Sentinel refused to believe him. Soon, everyone, except for Wasp, sets out to find Bumblebee.

The TV satellite is blocked by the dark could, GOD DAMN IT.

Back on Cybertron, Shockwave tries to contact Megatron, but no response came, so he leaves a message. Back on Earth, as Optimus and Rachet search for Bumblebee, two jets soar overhead. They suspect the jets as Decepticons. Later, Bumblebee tries to wash off his green color. The two jets land and transform into two robots: Jetfire and Jetstorm. The two robots attack Bumblebee, only to be stopped by Rachet. Later, Optimus joins the fight. Jetfire and Jetstorm attack them. Then they merge into Safeguard. Sentinel arrives to break up the fight and informs Optimus and Rachet that the two Autobots are working with him. Soon, they resume the search for Bumblebee.

Something else the twins are good at: defying gravity.

Wasp is back at the base playing Bumblebee's game, but keeps losing. Wasp decides to look up Bumblebee's files. Later, Bumblebee is still on the lam until he happens upon a hot dog cart. He tries to use mustard to make himself yellow again, until Prowl and Bulkhead interfere. As Bulkhead is about to throw his wrecking ball at him, Bumblebee reminds him about the times he and Bulkhead had at Autoboot camp. Bulkhead was instantly convinced. Jetfire and Jetstorm arrive, Bumblebee is afraid from his previous encounter with them. Prowl assures him that the brothers are on their side. The brothers think Prowl and Bulkhead are traitors.

The other Autobots race to the scene, with Sentinel still not used to driving in the rain. When they all meet at the rendezvous point, they found that Wasp is back at the hideout. They head there and question Wasp, who uses Bumblebee's files to convince them. Bulkhead comes up with a plan to tell Wasp from Bumblebee by having a challenge on his video game. But Wasp exposes his true nature to everyone, since Bumblebee is the better player. Wasp threatens to kill Bumblebee if the others get to close. Wasp tells the others about his grudge on Bumblebee, but Bulkhead tells Wasp that he was mean to them. Wasp shoots the lights and everything goes black. The lights go back on. The Autobots find Wasp outside laying on the ground. Bulkhead pummels Wasp, only to find that Bumblebee is back in his body and Wasp escapes once again.

First Blurr, Now Ultra Magnus.

Back on Cybertron, the cat's out of the bag as Ironhide searches for Longarm, only to find Ultra Magnus torn nearly to pieces. Shockwave has struck, literally. The plot thickens. The End (for now).


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


Sentinel Prime: I hate this planet.

—And, we hate ya back.

Wasp: Bumblebot and Wasp a lot alike, except one innocent and one guilty - can Bumblebot guess which?
Bumblebot: uhh, neither?

—And the award for creepiest Transformers Animated moment goes to.....

Shockwave: Megatron, this is Shockwave. Do you read me? Come in, Megatron! [static] If Optimus and his crew make contact with Ultra Magnus, my cover will be blown in any cycle now. If you receive this message, know that I am taking matters into my own servos. Shockwave, out.

—Shockwave feels the pressure bearing down on him - as such, the time has come for the take-matters-into-one's-hand-servos tactic to come into effect.

Optimus Prime: How do you put up with him?
Jazz: I just tune out half of everything he spits out.
Optimus Prime: Only half?

—Jazz gives Optimus a tip on jerk management.

Ratchet: What's the matter with you Cybertronians? Don't you know how to drive in the rain?!


Jazz:So, hit me with that one more time: a robot in disguise swaps metal with a double-agent who's really on the level?
Bulkhead:Makes even less sense when you say it.

—Bulkhead attempts to make sense out of nonsense.

Jetfire: Video...?
Jetstorm: Games?
Jazz: Wild, isn't it? Humans sure know how to make a scene.
Jetfire/Jetstorm: I PLAY WINNER!

—Bah, teenagers...

Bulkhead: No, Wasp. You were always mean to me and Bumblebee. You may not have been a traitor, but you were never a good bot.

—Bulkhead lets Wasp know what he thinks of him.

Ironhide: Where's your hammer?

—Ultra Magnus is in pieces and Ironhide asks about his hammer? He needs to get his priorities straight. And also... R.I.Ps again, Ultra Magnus...


  • This episode has an early airing: 3/24/09.

Animation and technical glitches

  • When Optimus states that if Sentinel has a Better idea and that he is listening, Bulkhead's headlights are missing.

Continuity errors

  • Bumblebee (as Wasp) was still standing, despite being stasis-cuffed.
  • When Ratchet is about to stasis-cuff Bumblebee (as Wasp), his hand seems to be way to small in proportion to his body - maybe his old age is causing him to shrink?

Transformers references

Am I still...pretty?

  • In the video game "Ninja Gladiator" in the background, TORQ III can be seen.
  • This is one of the two episodes to feature all of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, and Ratchet. Their names were all the same of the Autobots in the 2007 film, the other is TransWarped: Part 1.
  • The insect creature Bumblebee was fighting against and Wasp was playing as is Antron from the Micronauts toyline and also resembles Wasp in his Waspinator guise - this is probably why Wasp chose him in Ninja Gladiator.
  • How did Bulkhead become squeaky despite being made of hard metal? Maybe he swallowed something.
  • Sentinel's line "I need a sit rep - stat!" is taken directly out of the novel adaption for the 2007 film - John Keller says this line on page 201 when global communications goes out.

Real-world references

  • The completely black image of a ninja in "Ninja Gladiator" could be a reference to Noob Saibot from the game Mortal Kombat.
  • The Title of "Where is Thy Sting" is a possible reference to William Shakespeare's time. "Thy" means "My" nowadays.

Miscellaneous trivia

Bumblebot look neutral now.

  • We see what Bumblebee looks like underneath his Cranial Superstruc... Helmet, his helmet.
  • Why didn't the Autobots call in Sari? She would most likely to know who was real.
  • The Autobots didn't notice 'Bumblebee's' eyes were purple and have no white pupils.
  • They also did not realize that back in Wasp's Autobot days, Wasp might have blue eyes but with no white pupils. Bumblebee (as Wasp) still had white pupils and blue eyes.
  • Why didn't Bumblebee just use his boosters?
  • The Jet Twins, Optimus and Ratchet really should've mentioned what faction they were before they started to slag each other.
  • When Ironhide finds Ultra Magnus in pieces, the first thing he asks is "Where's your hammer?" Well. Glad to see he has his priorities straight. [/sarcasm]
  • Sentinel's line, "Arrest them all and let Ultra Magnus sort them out!" is similar to the phrase, "Kill em all; let God sort them out".
  • As of this episode, Shockwave has been responsible for most, if not all, onscreen injuries in the series.
  • So... why do Jetstorm and Jetfire have Russian accents? For that matter, why do most of the Autobots speak with English and American accents, or even speak English at all?
  • Apparently, Sentinel Prime has a really bad — or selective — memory.
  • Bumblebee claims Wasp swapped their voice synthesisers yet Wasp still talks in his normal voice as Bumblebee. Why didn't 'Bee just do the same thing?
  • After seeing Jetfire and Jetstorm, Ratchet says "No Autobot flies!" Seems like he's already forgotten about his ol' pal Omega Supreme.
  • Optimus and Ratchet have very obvious Autobot symbols, and yet the twins immediately try to attack them instead of introducing themselves. Then again, they WERE trained by Sentinel Jerkass.
  • When Bumblebee is Wasp he is voiced by Tom Kenny, making Animated another reality where him and Bill Fagerbakke are friends (Except he isn't yellow).
  • Bulkhead has a go at Wasp for being a jerk to him and Bumblebee, as if not being a nice 'bot makes it everything that has happened to him so far okay. Also, if Bumblebee surrendered to Prowl and Bulkhead, then what reason did they have for attacking him? Seems Sentinel's not the only Autobot acting like a jerk today.
  • When Bulkhead runs into the green Bumblebee in the street, Bumblebee puts his hands in the air to surrender and starts wailing that he's Bumblebee. Bulkhead knows Wasp was framed, locked up in the stockade for years, may well be traumatised, and has not as yet EVER actually hurt anybody, but he still starts swinging his wrecking ball with intent to pummel. And when Wasp runs off without hurting anybody, and Bulkhead sees a yellow mech lying outside face down and motionless, he instantly attacks what he thinks is Wasp. This episode doesn't do anything for Bulkhead's rep as an Autobot at all. None of the other Autobots seem to have a problem with his actions either.
  • At some point, Wasp gained an altmode identical to Bumblebee's except in color. Hasbro, we're still waiting for the toy retool. (The omission especially stands out when one notes that there is a Cliffjumper retool of Activators Bumblebee, and has been since Cliffy's only appearance was a voiceless cameo in Autoboot Camp. Even now, Cliffjumper is a far less prominent character than Wasp, and has never taken on an altmode similar to Bumblebee's Earth altmode.)
  • At the end of the episode, Wasp ran off with Bumblebee's faceplate and Bumblebee is left with Wasp's, in later episodes they have their own back. It's possible Bumblebee had a spare one but Wasp is likely not to. **Fugitive Waspinator's toy bio mentions that he and Bumblebee swapped helmets. This supposedly explains why he has no new head mold.
  • Wasp was able to download Bumblebee's history files to better cover up his real identity; shouldn't he have been able to find history of Bumblebee discovering through a surveillance monitor that Longarm Prime is Shockwave, the bot who framed Wasp, proving his innocence?