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When Continents Collide was a Transformers book-and-cassette storybook.


Megatron and Soundwave pilot a gigantic, hovering fuel transport they have stolen from the humans over a link on the Alaska Pipeline. They have bribed a human worker with the promise of a new Jeep, but unknown to them, the Jeep is, in fact, Hound. Hound reports to the Autobots, and Skyfire arrives and destroys the fuel transport, but the Decepticons aboard manage to escape. Megatron attempts another sweeping scheme to acquire a massive supply of oil: using a giant aquatic drilling craft to drain the Prudhoe Bay oil reservoir. They drain the reservoir so quickly, though, that Siberia begins approaching North America and volcanoes start to erupt. The United States and USSR place blame on each other and are on the verge of a nuclear exchange. Optimus Prime devises a plan to pump liquefied razon gas into the reservoir, thereby forcing the stolen oil back where it was before and the Decepticon craft to the surface when the razon returns to gas form. The Autobots board the floating craft, but again the Decepticons have escaped. All they discover is a computer endlessly repeating, "A Decepticon universe is at hand... A Decepticon universe is at hand..."

And the battle continues...


As part of the "See & Read" series, this story came in two different formats, both times as the second story in a set alongside "Satellite of Doom".

Both stories were told in picture-book form, coming with a record with the story narrations and acting on it (an audio cassette version was also released). This version also came packaged with the yellow version of Cliffjumper — who didn't appear in the stories.

An "animated" VHS version was also available, using chroma-key to animate the static pictures cheesily, with the storybook text superimposed on the bottom of the screen.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • The two Decepticon thugs have Seeker bodies, but are completely uncolored. They're solid white like the snow around them.

Continuity errors

  • The cover depicts Prime and Megatron shooting it out at an oil pumping station, when in fact Optimus never leaves the base in the story. Wow.

Transformers references


  • This is one of several "episodes" to have been given the MSTF treatment at the official Transformers conventions — specifically, at OTFCC 2003.
  • The humans have a colossal, hovering supertanker transport — the right size for Transformers to pilot comfortably. Alllllllllllllll righty.
  • This dude is willing to sell out the Earth for a Jeep? Geez, at least Shawn Berger wanted to be mayor. And how did Hound get in on this, anyway?