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Wheezel is an Empty in the Generation One continuity family.


Wheezel is one of Scrounge's contacts in Dead End.

Though his body is in ill repair, this Empty's eyes and ears are fully functional; if it happened in Dead End, Wheezel probably knows. He's happy to tell you about it too — if you can spare some fuel to "re-energize his memory circuits."


Marvel Comics

After a little bit of fuel had greased the wheels, Wheezel provided the Autobot Scrounge information that Spanner, a neutral scientist who'd been kidnapped by the Decepticons, had been taken to Darkmount. A little while later, Scrounge was exiting Darkmount with some important information of his own and Wheezel tried to hit him up for some more fuel. It was about this time that Shrapnel showed up and, ignoring Wheezel as if he were no one, grabbed Scrounge to take him back to Darkmount.

When Blaster and his friends came to the Dead End looking for Scrounge, Wheezel put his information to use. Suggesting he might need some fuel to remember clearly (which was duly provided by Cosmos) Wheezel told them about Scrounge's abduction. The Smelting Pool!

IDW Comics

A generic resembling Wheezel was hanging out in an unspecified, downtrodden area of Cybertron, under concealed observation by Bumper and Fastback as part of the Panorama anti-Gladiatorial security sweep. They saw one of his friends checking on him.

The Constructicons arrived to fabricate a gladiatorial arena on-site using local materials — including 'Wheezel'. Like the scrap around him, he was melted down to make raw materials. Megatron Origin issue 2