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Wheeljack (aka Que) is a wise Autobot. He serves as their Quartermaster and Armorer. He comes up with loads of different inventions and weapons, though they don't always work or stay in one piece. He has been a part of some of the toughest battles on Cybertron, and stood beside Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime in such conflicts.

"We're all a bunch of good chaps..."
―Que, before getting killed.



Voice actor: Steve Blum
Wheeljack Bumblebee

Wheeljack was a member of the Autobot resistance forces led by Optimus Prime. Alongside Ratchet, Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Arcee, Brawn and B-127, Wheeljack fought against the onslaught of Decepticon forces under the command of Shockwave and Soundwave. When it became clear that the Autobots were overmatched, Prime ordered all of the Autobots to evacuate Cybertron.

Dark of the Moon

Voice actor: George Coe

Que accompanies Dino, Sideswipe and Bumblebee on a mission in the middle east to dismantle an illegal power plant. To get through the security, Que disguises him self as the Area Commander's car by mounting the country's flags on his bonnet.

Que was in the N.E.S.T. base in Washington along with other Autobots and NEST soldiers. He introduces himself and supplies Ironhide with a brand new "Heavy Iron" cannon.

A while later he joined in the conversation on why Optimus wasn't happy. When Mearing asks if it's the silent treatment, he says definitely not.


Que was present at launch of the Xantium when they are ordered off planet. When the Xantium takes off, Starscream guns it down, and Que and the others are thought to be dead. However, it is revealed that they hid in the right booster rocket that fell safely to Earth before Starscream destroyed the ship.


"Bee... I think they are going to... kill us."

In Chicago, Que and the others meet back up with Sam. Que supplies Sam, as well as Epps and his small army, with both boom sticks and grapple-hook gloves. However, later on, Que, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe and Dino are captured by Soundwave and several Decepticons, including Barricade. Que realizes that the Decepticons are going to kill them, which proves to be true as Soundwave decides to host an execution. Que attempts to talk Soundwave and the others out of killing him and his friends, but Barricade ignores him. A Protoform then shoots Que, with Barricade delivering the final blow, tragically killing the Autobot. As Bumblebee was dragged forward by Soundwave, he mournfully reached out to Que's corpse. Dark of the Moon


Transformers: Autobots

Wheeljack upgraded Create-A-Bot so that he could store the data of and, thus, adopt multiple vehicle forms.

Transformers: The Game (PSP)

He can be unlocked and played in multi-player mode. He was mentioned by Ratchet during the first cutscene while playing single-player mode and also by Hound during a cut-scene.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Chapter II

In Detroit, he sends a N.E.S.T helicopter to supply Ironhide with a new weapon he had just invented, heavy Iron 2.0. The weapon helps him to defeat Mixmaster as the weapon proves powerful enough to break through his shields.

Chapter IV

When Soundwave is captured for a while inside the island base, Que says to the Autobot commander: "No, no. This will not do, commander. This is no mere Decepticon."


  • Que (Deluxe, 2011)
The first confirmed toy for Que. His vehicle mode is a bit different, appears to be modeled on an older Mercedes, similar to how he appears in the comic adaptation of Dark of the Moon. Also on the packaging, the producers get Que's head WAY wrong as the glasses are molded on his cheeks and his hair solidly.


  • He is listed as Que in Dark of the Moon.
  • His concept art refers him as Steeljaw.
  • "Que" name may be a reference to Mr. Q from James Bond novels and films. Que also gives weapons to NEST soldiers while explaining the advantages and abilities for the weapons much like Q does for James Bond.
    • He also speaks a lot like a stereotypical British aristocrat accent, saying stuff like "chaps", "jolly good" and "good show".
  • He is an old and good friend of Bumblebee's, and when Que was killed, Bumblebee was deeply upset, and felt heartbreak a hole form in his Spark.
  • He shares several similar traits with his Generation One counterpart, such as his knack for inventing things. However, whereas Generation One Wheeljack's inventions are shown to often malfunction or work wrong, most of Que's work properly.
  • As seen in the image above, Que seems to have a bit of a lazy eye.
  • Que has what appears to be hair on the sides of his head when he talks to Sam. It also is shown to be luminescent, possibly a reference to his Generation One counterpart's glowing "ears."
  • Que's face resembles Albert Einstein.
  • In Dark of the Moon, he transforms into a Mercedes-Benz E550.
    • Like Sideways and Soundwave, Que's vehicle mode is one of the only cars from German brands instead of being manufactured by General Motors. All of them got killed off.
  • He has a huge sniper rifle and a large spear on his back that he never uses.
  • He seems to have glasses. He also seems to have suspenders..
  • He actually has pupils and Irises!
  • In Age of Extinction, when Harold Attinger throws a few cards with a few Autobot faces on them, his is on of the ones with a giant red "X" across it.
Poor Que

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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