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|Image = [[Image:Prime-wheeljack-s01e08-1.jpg|300px]]
|Name = Wheeljack
|Japanese Name =
|Affiliation = [[Autobot]]
|Continuity = [[Transformers: Prime|Prime]]
|Function = [[Wrecker]]
|Alternate Mode =
|Weapons = Katanas
'''Wheeljack''' is one of [[Bulkhead (Prime)|Bulkhead's]] best and oldest friends. On Cybertron, they had fought together on numerous occasions. He is strong warrior in battle and wields two Cybertainium [[wikipedia:katana|katana]]s. He, like Bulkhead, enjoys a good game of [[Cybertronian sports|Lobbing]].
===''Prime'' cartoon===
Wheeljack was shot down by {{p|Vehicon}}s when he arrived on Earth. Upon landing, he was ambushed. He fights valiantly but got captured. Meanwhile, a fake Wheeljack came to the Autobot base. The real Wheeljack escaped and fought against {{p|Starscream}} and his forces.{{fact}}<!--{{storylink|}}-->
When the impostor opened up a ground-bridge portal to let the Decepticons in, Wheeljack made it in first and {{p|Ratchet}} managed to close it before Starscream could get in. Wheeljack and the imposter then faced each other in a duel and he won. The bots attached a grenade to the impostor and send him back through the portal to Starscream, at which point the explosives went off, killing the impostor and silencing him so that he can't reveal the location of the Autobot Base.{{fact}}<!--{{storylink|}}-->
Though invited to stay, Wheeljack chose not to as he wished to continue space exploration and maybe find more surviving Autobots. He invited {{p|Bulkhead}} along but he declined as his team, and his partner [[Miko Nakadai|Miko]], need him more than Wheeljack needed Bulk. They said goodbye and Wheeljack, in good humor, told Miko to take care of Bulkhead else he's coming after her, and she responded by taking a snap of the two former Wreckers with her cell.{{storylink|Con Job}}
Later, when Bulkhead's brain was taken over by information containing a formula for [[Synthetic Energon]] and Bulkhead began to lose his memory, Miko used the picture she took of the two of them to try and jogged his memory, to no avail.{{storylink|T.M.I.}}
* '''Wheeljack''' (Cyberverse Legion, 2012)
:This commander size Wheeljack comes with his spaceship. The spaceship carries the new light-up feature, when commander class figures are plugged in and a button is pressed, the clear parts on the figures glow. He also comes with his two Katanas.
* '''Wheeljack''' (Deluxe, 2012)
**''Accessories:'' Katana *2
:This is a very show-accurate Deluxe size figure of Wheeljack. Though it wasn't show in his debut episode, he transforms into a white and red sports car. This mold was used to make [[Dead End (Prime)|Dead End]].
* Out of all of the ''Prime'' Transformers, Wheeljack bears the most resemblance to {{g1c|Wheeljack|his ''Generation One'' counter part}}.
* Wheeljack's katanas are the only Autobot melee weapons seen in ''Prime'' that are not completely connected to his arms. All the other melee weapons deploy directly from their owners' arms. [[Knockout (Prime)|Knockout]] and [[Dreadwing (Prime)|Dreadwing]] also have melee weapons that are not attached but they are both Decepticons.
* Though Bulkhead claims he doesn't have a [[Alternate mode|vehicle mode]], he [[to sell toys|still]] seems to have wheels and a car hood.<!--How does Bulkhead say in the show?:
**It's possible Bulkhead means Wheeljack doesn't have a "Earth" vehicle mode.-->
* Wheeljack often refers to Ratchet as "'''Doc'''" in the episode "Triage". When Ratchet warns him about doing so, Wheeljack called him "sunshine".<!-- Fans suspect this was Wheeljack's way of flirting with the medic.
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