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The name or term Wheelie refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Wheelie (disambiguation).

Wheelie is a Decepticon turned Autobot from the the live-action film series Continuity family.

Wheelie (aka Wheels) is a Model S.D.-196 salvage scrap drone from the factories north of Burthov docks, Cybertron.[1] He is a potty-mouthed little jerk of a 'bot. The bigger robots push him around a lot, which explains why he fell in with the Decepticons in the first place, but really he'll follow anyone who bullies him into compliance. He and Brains are friends.


Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English)


Wheelie was originally a Decepticon sent to spy on Sam. He takes the form of an RC monster truck and claims to be a salvage/scrap drone. He uses his thermal camera to track the Allspark fragment in Mikaela's purse. He follows Mikaela home with the intention of stealing the Cube shard Sam gave her and tries to crack her safe. Unfortunately for him, he steps in a rat trap, tells the dog "What are you looking at, slobber puss?" and attracts her attention.

Mikaela captures him and burns out his left optic with a blowtorch to get him to talk. He swears at her, calling her a "crazy bitch." She later takes him with her to visit Sam. After Mikaela releases him to help decipher the language of the Primes, Wheelie recognizes the pictures of various Seekers in their alt modes and reveals where they are. He leads them to Jetfire, the closest one. When they find the old coot, Wheelie is impressed by him as he was apparently an important Seeker. While speaking to Jetfire, Wheelie learns that Jetfire defected and decides to do the same, awkwardly walking up to Mikaela and humping her leg. After being sent through a space bridge by Jetfire, he complains about the treatment. When the group travels to a building near the pyramids, he yells at the other Autobots to be quiet as they have work to do. Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen novel

Wheelie attacks a police car chasing the group and steals a windscreen wiper for a trophy. After the battle, he runs in circles around the Witwickys. Revenge of the Fallen

Dark of the Moon film

Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English)

Wheelie lives with Sam and Carly with his new friend, Brains. Once again, Wheelie is rude to Sam's new girlfriend, and both he and Brains express their distaste in how they live. He and Brains accompany the two humans to the NEST base, cursing the soldiers refusing to let them in, and offer their help, but Charlotte Mearing turns them away.

Later, Wheelie is among the Autobots who leave Earth in the spaceship, he tries to warn Sam and Mearing that it is Decepticons' trap. He is thought to have died when the ship is destroyed by Starscream. However, it is revealed that Wheelie and the others survived by hiding in one of the booster pads, which landed back on Earth before Starscream attacked.


Wheelie and Brains accompany the other Autobots in the battle at Chicago, using Leadfoot to give them a ride, but are accidentally left behind by the Wreckers (after the two fell off Leadfoot from accidentally getting stung by his bullets). The two decide to hijack a downed Decepticon fighter, which they use to fly to one of the main Decepticon ships. After sabotaging the ship, Wheelie and Brains fly to where Soundwave, Barricade, and other Decepticons have captured Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Dino and Que, but arrive too late to save Que's life. However, the damage they do causes the ship to drop the fighters inside it to the ground, distracting Soundwave from killing Bumblebee, and the remaining Autobots kill the Decepticons. They state that they "had a nice run" before the ship crashes into the river. Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon novel

Both Wheelie and Brains survive the crashing Decepticon ship, and swim away from the wreckage. Dark of the Moon


Wheel-E. Or Wheelie 5. Whatever.

  • Wheelie (Deluxe, 2009)
Wheelie transforms into a tiny blue R/C monster tuck. The only gimmick he has is that he has the ability to change faction symbols. Never heard that bef-wait a minute. Wheelie has no weapons whatsoever.

  • Wheelie (Legends, 2010)
Tinyer then a scout, but behemoths all other legends, except for Devastator.


  • His vehicle mode is based upon the HPI Wheely King Radio Controlled 1/10th scale Monster Truck.
  • He's considered pathetic and an embarrassment to the Decepticons.
  • He thinks Mikaela is hot, but not too bright. In Dark of the Moon, he expresses great displeasure that Mikaela dumped him.
  • He seems to have a dislike for Mikaela's dog Bones in Revenge of the Fallen, and in Dark of the Moon he hates having to live next to him, but likes to ride on Bones like a horse for fun.
  • Wheelie's optic still works when Mikaela torches it. It'd be a pretty neat trick if it could still function at all after that kind of abuse.
  • He seems to have a Brooklyn accent.
  • His personality was modeled on various characters portrayed by actor Joe Pesci, but is still vaguely reminiscent of another loudmouth on wheels.
  • Though he vanishes in "Revenge of the Fallen" while in Egypt, Wheelie does appear at the end of the junior novelization of the film, where he drives circles around the reunited Witwicky family while saying, "Yippie!"
  • Although he is much shorter than his namesake and more annoying, at least he doesn't talk in rhyme.
  • He seemingly hates being with the Decepticons as he states, "You mean you don't have to work for those miserable freakin' Decepticons." He also uses the words "freakin'" and "friggen'" a lot.
  • He kinda resembles a small version of Johnny 5 from the 1986 film Short Circuit.
  • His full transformation can be only seen on screen once — in Revenge of the Fallen, in the Smithsonian museum. Other times he is either partially obscured, or he just appears.
  • He always feels safe when Bumblebee is around.
  • For several times in Dark of the Moon film, Wheelie carries Brains to anywhere in his alternate form.
  • Despite being with the Autobots for some time in Dark of the Moon, he still has a Decepticon insignia on his back just like Jetfire. He simply may not be able to get rid of it.
  • He has the same voice actor as SpongeBob Squarepants (Tom Kenny)
  • He is Rude, Foul-Mouthed, Ill-Tempered, Bad-Mannered


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