On the brink of defeat, Optimus Prime utilizes the power of the Spark of Combination to drive back the four horsemen.


The Autobots desperately try to fight back against Unicron's four horsemen, but with little effect. Hot Shot asks who they are, and Optimus Prime says that he knows who they were, and how hopelessly optimistic he was to think they had been killed in the battle with Unicron. Though they fight bravely, they are ultimately defeated, as Rhinox tells them that they will all die screaming.

On Earth, the Terrorcons have set up their energon collection rig. Scorponok asks where Battle Ravage is, and Tidal Wave says that he's not answering his recall signal, which means he must be hunting something. Shortly thereafter, Battle Ravage returns, and drops Alexis and Kicker the feet of Scorponok, who senses that Kicker has a strong affinity for energon...

Back on Cybertron, the Autobots are granted a brief reprieve by the arrival of the Omnicons, whose energon-based weaponry turns out to be highly effective against the horsemen. Signal Flare tells Optimus Prime that he needs to link to the planet to win the battle. Optimus Prime responds that he doesn't have time to get to the uplink point, but Signal Flare tells him that now that he knows how he can do it anywhere. He does so, and Alpha Trion appears, telling him that the extreme threat to the planet will be responded with a system-wide upgrade: the granting of the Spark of Combination to Optimus Prime, and the reformatting of every Transformer on Cybertron into their Energon forms. With their new-found ability to powerlinx with each other, the Autobots make quick work of the horsemen, who retreat back to Unicron to regroup. As they watch them go, Levitacus arrives and informs Prime that the Council now knows his words are true, and are opening a space bridge portal to Earth.

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  • When Optimus Prime receives his drones, "Op 3" is penciled on to the drill, likely done while penciling the issue and mistakenly not erased. "Op 2" is also penciled on the helicopter drone, but is trickier to see because the rotors are in the way.

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  • Optimus Prime and Unicron's horsemen, art by Guido Guidi.


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