The Autobots return to Earth to rescue Kicker and Alexis from the Terrorcons.


In a flashback to ten years ago, Megatron plunges into the depths of Unicron, screaming in terror and agony as the chaos-bringer's automated defenses systematically disassemble him, and his spark becomes a part of Unicron. But little by little, he expanded his mind outward. Flash forward to the present, where we see that Unicron's systems have nearly completed Megatron's new body.

On Earth, Scorponok is demanding that Kicker show him his innate sense for energon deposits. Tidal Wave remarks that he doesn't see what's so special about Kicker, to which Scorponok responds that questioning him reminds him of Starscream. This is enough of a warning to shut Tidal Wave up. Meanwhile, Rad reports back to Carlos that he's found Kicker and Alexis. They're just about to give up hope of the Autobots coming, when they all step through a space bridge portal from Cybertron. As Prime steps through, however, he hears Megatron's voice, telling him that he knows how to defeat Unicron. As the Autobots do battle with the Terrorcons, Rad swoops in and rescues Alexis. Rad programs the hovercraft to fly into one of the energon collection rigs, which detonates them all as they make their escape. Scorponok, seeing the explosion, orders the Terrorcons to withdraw from battle to try and salvage their operation. As they do so, Prime once again hears Megatron's voice, telling Prime that he's ready and waiting.

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Items of note

  • Cameos: Dead End
  • Prior to the issue's release, the cover of the comic was blacked out, so as to not reveal Megatron's new form.
  • When Rad meets up with Alexis, a broken down truck looks like Energon Demolishor.
  • Readers' mail is answered by Armada Megatron.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises the Dreamwave Summer Special and contains an article from the desk of Generation One Megatron.

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