The Autobots and Omnicons battle the Terrorcons.


Scorponok and the Terrorcons assault the Alterenergy Center, indiscriminately destroying everything until Kicker finally gives in and agrees to help them so long as they stop. Meanwhile, Rad and Alexis join back up with the Autobots. Rad wonders if it's even possible to beat them, and Optimus responds that they'll be fighting fire with fire.

As the Terrorcons collect the energon that Kicker has found for them, Scorponok sees the Autobots approaching. Ordering Tidal Wave to stay behind, the others head out to engage the Autobots. No sooner has the fighting begun, though, than the Omnicons appear and use their energon weapons against them. Scorponok says that their systems are saturated with energon, but Cruellock points out that the Omnicons are overloading their systems. Meanwhile, Hot Shot, Strongarm, and Skyblast have sneaked around to rescue Kicker. As they speed away, dodging Tidal Wave's laser fire, the energon suddenly explodes, and Kicker reveals that the energon source he led them to wasn't exactly pure. Suddenly, space bridge portals appear around the Terrorcons, and cruel hands reach out and pull them in, closing afterwards. Inside Unicron, Alpha-Q and the four horsemen glare at the Terrorcons' fallen forms. Rad asks Optimus if they'll be leaving again, but Optimus responds that this time they're staying, and the whole world will know about it.

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  • Kicker and the Omnicons, art by Joe Ng.


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