Rad and Carlos attempt to fight off the Terrorcons on Earth. Meanwhile, Unicron's four horsemen begin their attack on Cybertron.


Kicker flees on a motorcycle from Battle Ravage as the Terrorcons decimate the Alterenergy Center on Earth. Rad reports all of this to Carlos via satellite, and Carlos reveals to Kicker's father that they have some past experience with the Transformers. As the Australian Air Force flies in to put a stop to them, a group of environmental protesters, led by Alexis, mistakes them for troops sent to disperse them and gets belligerent. That is, until she sees Kicker, with Battle Ravage still hot on his heels. As Carlos gets into a hovercraft and heads off to try and rescue Kicker, Alexis shoots a flare directly into Battle Ravage's face, blinding him long enough for the pair to escape as the rest of the Terrorcons shoot down the jets.

On Cybertron, Optimus Prime is trying to convince the Council that Unicron is still alive. Unfortunately, they believe in neither his survival nor Optimus Prime's meeting with Alpha Trion, and refuse to act. They authorize Optimus Prime's request to go to Earth, but only on the condition that Prime goes there alone. The other Autobots grumble about this, but their complaints are cut short as Unicron's four horsemen begin their assault!

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  • Readers' mail is answered by Roger Lee and includes fan art.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises "More Than Meets The Eye: Armada" and contains an article from the desk of John Ney Rieber.

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