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West Rock is an American city situated on a small archipelago somewhere off the coast. The sole access to the city, despite it being heavily built up and populated, is a single bridge connecting it to the mainland.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Bee Cool

Windblade maintained a cache hidden underneath a storage unit in West Rock. The Stunticons Dragstrip and Wildbreak were drawn there by the Cybertronian tech, while Bumblebee and Strongarm likewise turned up hoping to grab the Decepticon Hunter in the cache. This led to a chase through West Rock's streets, while Strongarm and | blocked off the bridge out of the city. After an abortive attempt to use the city's drainage tunnels to get around, the Autobots cornered the Decepticons atop a parking building, which was badly damaged during the ensuing battle.

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