The Well of All Sparks is a location on the planet Cybertron in the Dreamwave comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Well of All Sparks is the fount from which Primus birthed the Cybertronian race. It is a direct conduit for the lifeforce of Cybertron's living god, and was sealed to prevent his rival Unicron from locating the planet and destroying Primus' creations.


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Just close your eyes and think of science, Jetfire.

In an effort to draw his master to a weakened Primus, The Fallen gathered four Cybertronians he described as representing angles in the "Geometry of Dissolution" and performed a ceremony he referred to as "The Unbinding", an attempt to open the Seal of Primus, which would cause Primus to awaken and allow Unicron locate Cybertron. This ceremony succeeded, but quick thinking by Jetfire bought Primus enough time to manifest and destroy his traitorous servant before sealing the Well once more. In the absence of Megatron and Optimus Prime, the scattered factions of the warring populace agreed to place a lock on the chamber that could only be opened with the consent of all parties involved. Or, as Shockwave put it, "Until all are one."

It is unknown if Jetfire remained an atheist even after this event, though he has claimed that the glorious glowing manifestation of his race's deity blinded him, and thus he didn't see a thing. The War Within: The Dark Ages

Transformers AnimatedEdit

The Well of All Sparks is repeatedly referenced as the place where Transformers go after they die, ala the Allspark (small "s") in other continuities. This is in contrast to the AllSpark (capital "s"), which in that continuity is a physical object.

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