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Megatron battles the Predacons.

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Story: Brad Mick with Adam Patyk
Pencils: Pat Lee
Breakdowns: Joe Ng
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia
Inks: Rob Armstrong
Colors: Alan Wang
Letters: Ben Lee


On the Planet Beest, Megatron battles against Razorclaw, the last of the Predacon team to be defeated. Although Razorclaw is able to put deep scratches into Megatron's metallic skin, the feral Predacon makes a tactical withdrawal into the dense foliage of the surrounding area. Immersed in the hunt, Megatron follows Razorclaw into the jungle, leaving his fusion cannon and Air Clone Warriors behind. But despite Megatron's lack of weaponry, he is still the victor.

Hours later, Megatron finishes the process of combining his defeated opponents into perhaps his greatest warrior: Predaking.

Notes of interest

  • Chronologically, this story follows up on the epilogue from issue #4 and integrates back into the main storyline in issue #9.
  • This issue takes its name from a song by human music group Guns N' Roses.
  • The "Planet Beest" this story takes place on, is the home to the "Battle Beasts", a separate toyline, which occasionally crossed over with Transformers in the Japanese Headmasters franchise.
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