Weirdwolf puts the "weird" in "Weirdwolf". He doesn't just like to talk to himself, he really likes to talk to himself. Ceaselessly. And to make matters worse, he doesn't even do it very well. He likes to talk in a strange backward speak few can make sense of but himself.

This personality quirk might seem cute at first, but once other Decepticons realize he's totally off his nut, they do their best to avoid speaking with Weirdwolf. He's just too weird.

Weirdwolf is binary-bonded to the Nebulon Monzo, who really wishes he'd shut up.

Japanese name: Monzo (see below)
French name (Canada): Bizalou
Italian name: Lupo


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Weirdwolf, you're never going to get colored if you keep hanging out back there.

Weirdwolf was among Scorponok's troops which followed Fortress Maximus and his Autobots from Cybertron to the peaceful planet Nebulos. After the Decepticons were soundly defeated by the Autobots, upgraded with Headmaster technology, Weirdwolf was one of the Decepticons who underwent the Headmaster process to even the odds. Now binary bonded to the Nebulan Monzo, he and the other Decepticons defeated and captured the Autobot Headmasters. Love and Steel!

The Autobot Headmasters escaped, and the Decepticons followed the Autobots from Nebulos to Earth, where the two factions battled in the vacant Mount Saint Hilary. Though Fortress Maximus's Headmaster partner, the Nebulan Galen, was killed, Weirdwolf and the other Decepticons were driven off when Spike Witwicky replaced him. Trial by Fire!

When Decepticons from the future travel back in time to 1989, following a group of Autobots attempting to stop a rift in space-time from swallowing the entire universe, Weirdwolf and several other Decepticons are displaced to Limbo. Presumably, they are returned when the future Decepticons left for their own time near the end of the ensuing battle. Time Wars

Scorponok's Decepticons soon met up with the group of Decepticons stranded on Earth led by Ratbat. Starscream aggravated the two sides towards a civil war. During the following Decepticon-on-Decepticon battle, Weirdwolf was run over by Astrotrain. Cold War! The Decepticons stopped their civil war and teamed up with the Autobots when it was discovered that Starscream had orchestrated the whole affair to distract from his pursuit of the legendary Transformers knowledge database, the Underbase. In the wake of this event, Scorponok assumed command of all Decepticons and, with Weirdwolf's help, placed a new headquarters, including an Energon converter, under a swamp near New York City. King Con!

Weirdwolf and his Decepticon comrades were once again manipulated by an outside party when both Autobots and Decepticons responded to the Air Strike Patrol's stunt at MacDill Air Force Base. Weirdwolf pounced on Optimus Prime when Prime lost his temper and tore through the rest of the Decepticons. The Resurrection Gambit! The orchestrator behind this staged battle was revealed when Starscream, rebuilt as a Pretender, arrived and fought both sides in the name of Megatron. Skin Deep

Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

When the second Decepticon civil war broke out between Scorponok's faction and a small group of rogues led by Shockwave, Weirdwolf was one of those buried under Scorponok's headquarters near New York. He was unharmed, however, and Soundwave ordered him, Misfire, and Fangry to the surface to help protect their commander. The battle came to a halt when all Earth-bound Transformers were instantaneously transported to Cybertron to prepare to battle Unicron. Weirdwolf listened to Primus (via a possessed Emirate Xaaron) tell the origin of the Transformers and their imminent destiny. The Void! Unicron subsequently attacked, was defeated, and Weirdwolf was one of the lucky survivors. On the Edge of Extinction!

Under the pretenses of an Autobot/Decepticon alliance, Bludgeon led Weirdwolf and the other Decepticons to Klo, stranding the Autobots on their dying home planet. Exodus! (issue) When the Autobots followed them, the Decepticons ambushed them, killing all but five. Bludgeon sent Weirdwolf, Octopunch, Fangry, and Quake to hunt down these stragglers, but Weirdwolf had trouble hunting their scent. Unfortunately, their prey rose before them and overcame their group. Weirdwolf may have escaped, as someone who looked a bit like him appeared as part of the main battle, where Optimus Prime had returned. He leaped onto Optimus from behind, but before he could deliver a deadly blow, Grimlock's group had returned victorious, and he was destroyed by a blast Grimlock fired from Octopunch's trident. But that may have been Ravage. It's hard to be sure. End of the Road!

Generation 2

Don't you mean, "Time for feeding it is"?

Weirdwolf was one of countless Decepticons under Bludgeon's command when they fought the Autobots over ownership of a cache of weapons on an unnamed barren world. Bludgeon ordered a retreat when a gigantic creature who guarded their quarry warned them away. Ghosts Later, he and the other Decepticons were ordered to rampage across Earth in order to get Optimus Prime's attention. Weirdwolf, like his comrades, enjoyed this job very much. Tales of Earth Part One

Megatron returned and quickly usurped Bludgeon, but not long after Megatron fell in battle against Jhiaxus over Tykos; Weirdwolf was part of the search party for Megatron's remains. New Dawn

When the Autobots and Decepticons joined forces to defeat Jhiaxus and his Cybertronian Empire, Weirdwolf was present in both the battle on Ethos Escalation! and the final battle on Earth. Total War!


Note: Classics ignores both the Marvel UK material and Generation 2.

Stop that rhyming now, I mean it!

In the fifteen years after the battle on Klo, Weirdwolf was one of the Decepticons under the command of the spacefaring Bludgeon and assigned to the command of the mysterious Bug Bite. Whether Weirdwolf followed Bug Bite of his own accord or was sublimated by Bug Bite's reverse-engineered cerebro-shells is anybody's guess. What is known is that Bug Bite had Weirdwolf rebuilt to remove his Headmaster technology, resulting in both a spurned Monzo and Weirdwolf being even less coherent than he was previously, having to resort to talking to his own wolf head in the absence of his Headmaster partner.

After the return of Megatron, Bug Bite's team arrived on Earth under the pretenses of forming a partnership. Weirdwolf and the rest of Bug Bite's team were escorted back to the Ark, Megatron's current headquarters. Suddenly, due to cerebro shells implanted earlier, nearly all of Megatron's troops doublecrossed him, turning their guns on him at Bug Bite's radio-controlled command. However, Weirdwolf's recreation was his team's downfall; Monzo turned to the Autobots with what information he knew, and a rogue Autobot team led by Ultra Magnus arrived and jammed the cerebro shells' frequency. Weirdwolf was critically damaged by Megatron in the resulting crossfire. Games of Deception

The barely-alive Weirdwolf and apparently-dead Bug Bite were dragged (literally in the latter's case) back to their ship by Dreadwind. He put Weirdwolf into a newly-installed CR chamber to heal. Withered Hope

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Stan Jones (English, casting only)


After the return of Optimus Prime, the Decepticons were scattered across the galaxy. Suddenly, they returned en masse, descending upon Autobot City on Earth. Weirdwolf was among their number. After the Decepticons retrieved the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, Galvatron called off their attack and they retreated. But when the Decepticons brought the key to Cybertron to activate the Plasma Energy Chamber, it was retaken by a group of Autobots who were subsequently thrown across the galaxy. Scourge took a ship of Decepticons, which included Weirdwolf, and followed the Autobots to the planet Nebulon.

Confronting the Autobots in a cave, Decepticons were unable to retrieve the key, but did capture the Autobots' wounded. Weirdwolf dragged Hot Rod back to their ship. The Rebirth, Part 1 During the ensuing interrogation, the Decepticons were ambushed by the remaining Autobots, who had teamed up with the Nebulan Gort's native rebel forces, and had been rebuilt into Headmasters. The Decepticons' ship demolished, they fled into the trees, where the Decepticons were abducted by the evil overlords of Nebulon, the Hive. The Hive, too, wished to become Headmasters, and so Cyclonus offered him the Decepticons who transformed into animals. Weirdwolf was paired with Monzo.

Note: The bonding of Weirdwolf and Monzo is depicted at the conclusion of an error-filled sequence of events. First, Mindwipe hypnotizes his reluctant partner Vorath, who is mistakenly drawn as Monzo when this occurs. Then Mindwipe and Vorath bond together, alongside Skullcruncher silently bonding with Grax. Then the voice of Grax, emanating from a character drawn as Vorath but colored like Monzo, declares "I am to be bonded to that creature? This project was a bad investment!" while the "creature" he is looking at is Skullcruncher, colored like Weirdwolf. This is immediately followed by the bonding of Weirdwolf and Monzo. Oh, Rebirth, you so crazy!


With Headmaster and also Targetmaster technology behind them, the Decepticons retrieved the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber in battle. The Autobots quickly struck back with Targetmasters of their own, but the leader of the Hive, Zarak, had rebuilt the Hive's city into Scorponok. Scorponok abducted Arcee, who was in possession of the key amidst battle, and with the Decepticons inside, it returned to Cybertron. The Rebirth, Part 2

Upon their return, Galvatron was unhappy with Weirdwolf and the other Decepticons' alliance with organic creatures, but reluctantly accepted them into their ranks temporarily since they had possession of the key. The Autobots followed them back to Cybertron, and after a huge battle involving all of the Headmasters, Targetmasters, Scorponok, and the new Fortress Maximus, the Decepticons retreated inside Scorponok just as it was swatted off-planet by volatile surges of the activated Plasma Energy Chamber. Weirdwolf and the other Decepticons retreated to parts unknown. The Rebirth, Part 3

Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Katsuji Mori (Japanese)
Note: "Weirdwolf" is the name of the combined small Master robot and the larger transtector mechanical beast/robot body. When separated from his transtector, Weirdwolf is called Monzo.

The Headmasters comic


Generation One

  • Weirdwolf (1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-86
    • Accessories: Monzo Headmaster unit, gun, tail/sword

Word Salad Shooter (TM)

Weirdwolf transforms into a mostly yellow robotic wolf. He has some articulation in his legs (mostly in his forelegs), and his jaw can open. A clear red canopy on his back opens to reveal a cockpit/storage compartment for his Headmaster partner, Monzo. His beast mode tail has a blade on its underside, later serving as a shortsword in robot mode.
As with many mammalian-derived beast mode Transformers, his robot mode is essentially his beast mode standing on his (extended) hind legs. A panel on each shoulder slides down to reveal a bank of non-firing rockets. Monzo forms his head, inserted into a slot on his upper torso. Some tabs of various lengths on Monzo push down three spring-loaded buttons inside the neck cavity, which in turn reveal three Tech Spec ratings on a bar-graph in his chest under a grey panel. He is armed with a green rifle and his tail-sword.


  • Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf (BotCon 2007 souvenir set)
    • Accessories: Tail/sword/missile launcher weapon, 1 missile, Jungle Planet Cyber Planet Key

What I bring you is plight, and colors bright bright bright!

A bagged set of Alpha Trion and Weirdwolf was released at BotCon 2007 as a souvenir set add-on, limited to 1400 pieces. A yellow and turquoise redeco of Cybertron Snarl, Weirdwolf transforms into a techno-organic wolf. His articulated tail features a spring-loaded missile launcher that can fire a transparent orange projectile. Inserting his Cyber Planet Key causes his lower jaw to open and a pair of transparent orange fangs to extend from his upper mouth. Unlike other Cyber Key gimmicks, this feature does not automatically secure itself into position, so as to allow the user to repeatedly open his mouth with the Cyber Key. However, his mouth can be locked into the open position by rotating down the two pieces of turquoise 'fur' on his cheeks.
In robot mode, Weirdwolf is almost his beast mode inverted, as his robot legs are the beast hind legs rotated, and the torso and arms are the beast torso split and flipped. He is armed with his tail, which has an articulated handle that allows it to be held as either a projectile weapon or as a sword. He retains his Cyber Key feature in this mode. He comes with a green-bordered Jungle Planet type Cyber Key, which still has Snarl's Key Code, "d43j," stamped on its back.
This mold was also used for Fangwolf Black Version.


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  • In early planning stages, the Large Headmasters were to have differently styled heads that would be replaced by their more familiar heads during the Headmaster process. Much like the "trainer" concept for the small Headmaster parters, this quickly fell by the wayside; a commercial for Headmasters #1 featuring animation of Weirdwolf and others is the only time these designs were used.
  • The instruction sheet to Weirdwolf's Generation One toy contains perhaps the most unintentionally perverse direction ever written for such a thing: To complete wolf, insert post on tail/thermal sword into hole on wolf rump. Ew.[1]
  • In Bob Budiansky's run on Marvel Comics, Weirdwolf started out with his trademark speech quirk, but when writer Simon Furman took over, he lost it and sounded like everyone else. In Timelines: Games of Deception, written by Forest Lee, Weirdwolf seems to have gotten it back.

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