Wedge Shape is a Mini-Con of questionable allegiance from the Generation One/Beast Wars continuity family.

Wedge Shape (ウェッジシェイプ)... is somebody.

He's not actually wedge-shaped. Nor, for that matter, does he at all resemble Wedge.


Generation One

  • Wedge Shape (Mini-Con, 2007)
A redeco of the Classics Mini-Con Dreadwing, Wedge Shape transforms into a red mechanical eagle.
Wedge Shape is an exclusive to "BIC Camera" stores in Japan. The exact details of his promotion are unknown at this time.


  • "Wedge Shape" likely refers to the wedge-tailed eagle whose distinctive tail is wedge-shaped.
  • While Wedge Shape's toy is branded with a Maximal logo, his instructions claim him to be a Predacon. With a complete lack of other information on the character, it is impossible to know exactly what the hell the deal is and who he really works for. Take your pick, or have him be both.
  • Wedge shape's instructions (as well as those of his contemporary exclusives Noise Effect and Torque Gain) use the "classic" Japanese Transformers logo, ostensibly placing him within the Generation One continuity family. However, as noted above, he's got Beast Era faction sigils applied to him. It would appear then that he is from a "transitional" period from Generation One to the Beast Era... though chances are TakaraTomy didn't put even that much thought into it. Toys is toys.
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