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In an attempt to cure Galvatron's madness, Cyclonus takes him to the medical planet Torkulon.

Japanese title: "The Planet of the Web"

Detailed synopsis


Help! He's touching my special area!

The Decepticons approach an asteroid belt in deep space, searching for a material known as isodrite. As Galvatron rants about crushing his enemies and everyone else, Ratbat finds an isodrite deposit -- already being mined by the Autobots. A battle ensues, during which Galvatron spends nearly as much time bashing his own troops aside as he does firing at the Autobots. With his "help", the bemused Autobots make a clean escape aboard Sky Lynx.

Back on Chaar, Motormaster and Swindle have words with Cyclonus: either do something about Galvatron's madness, or face rebellion. A holographic image of a Quintesson appears to Cyclonus, and advises him that there are planets which specialize in repairing damaged minds, such as Torkulon. Not knowing what else to do, Cyclonus considers the idea, while the Quintessons gloat among themselves that shortly they will have several less Transformers to deal with -- including the "most dangerously unpredictable of them all."


Planet of the Psychiatrist Apes

Cyclonus lies to Galvatron, informing him that the Autobots are resting on Torkulon after their most recent skirmish; the deranged leader eagerly takes the bait, flying to the planet with Cyclonus and the Sweeps. Upon landing, Galvatron threatens several alien flesh creatures, demanding that they hand over Ultra Magnus. The intelligent Torkuli arrive shortly; when Galvatron predictably refuses their orders for non-violence, they restrain him. Galvatron quickly realizes Cyclonus has deceived him. Galvatron is carried away to begin his therapy, while Cyclonus fills out a small ream of paperwork.

As the therapy proceeds, Scourge has his doubts -- "This is stupid! Let's get him out of here!" Cyclonus says to at least give it a chance. The Torkuli are unsuccessful in getting Galvatron to talk about his problems, and even less successful when they have him put together external objects to repair his damaged psyche: Galvatron builds himself a blaster and tries to escape. Finally they attempt "exo-drama" where patients act out their problems but a bouncing alien screaming at Galvatron finally causes him to snap further, shouting back that "I'll give you something to scream about!!" Galvatron becomes immune to the electromagnetic restraints of the Torkuli; they throw everything they have at him, restraining him for their last resort - the Alya solution.

The chief therapist reveals that Torkulon itself is a living planet, and can manifest itself in the form of spider-like creatures called the Alya that consume the damaged portions of those who cannot be helped, in effect lobotomizing the planet's victims and leaving them mindless. Cyclonus protests and demands Galvatron's release, but he and Scourge are also restrained by the Torkuli.


Should've chosen a BUPA home.

The Alya begin to feed on Galvatron who continues to resist: "You have no right to change what I am!" The Torkuli doctor informs him "You've already been changed; that's the problem." Cyclonus can barely watch as his leader's mind is invaded by Torkulon -- but something goes wrong. The madness of Galvatron proves to be too strong for the living planet, causing it to malfunction. In the chaos, Galvatron, Scourge and Cyclonus are released from the planet's grasp. After taking a few shots at Cyclonus for getting him in this mess, Galvatron fights to the center of the planet, having seen into its mind while it was inside his. The planet fears Galvatron's madness and destructive potential and attempts to restrain him, but Galvatron powers his way through to its living-computer core. Several cannon mode blasts render the entire planet inoperable. Galvatron informs Cyclonus he will now destroy whatever is left, and warns Cyclonus against stopping him.

After the planet is reduced to smoke and rubble, Galvatron gloats over the beauty of "devastation wrought with precision and care," seemingly just a little more sane... until Cyclonus informs Galvatron that it will take the Torkuli centuries to rebuild. Galvatron decides his work isn't done if it's going to take "only centuries", but a weary Cyclonus suggests that the Autobots might be a more pressing concern. Galvatron smiles at the prospect of killing Ultra Magnus; the Decepticons flee the planet, leaving the Torkuli at the mercy of their former insane patients.


Original Air Date: October 20th, 1986

Production number: 700-101

Written by: Len Wein and Diane Duane

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others



We never talk anymore.

"Crush the Autobots to scrap! Crush the Earth and its puny humanity! CRUSH ANYONE, ANYTHING THAT DARES TO OPPOSE US!"


"Mighty Galvatron, please! We must use strategy and reason—"
"Strategy is for COWARDS!"

Cyclonus and Galvatron debate strategy - or lack thereof.

"Remarkable. Galvatron is doing most of the work for us."


"Dumb Sweep."

Sludge, calling the kettle black.

"This isn't over, Autobots! Do you hear me?! This isn't over!!"
"You're starting to sound like Galvatron! (Galvatron stares at him) Not that that's a bad thing!"

Cyclonus and Scourge

"Fleshling, I warn you. Tell me where to find the Autobots or--!"
"Mommy!"(licks him a an absurdly long tongue)

-Galvatron and a most disturbed patient.

"I have no head. I have no head. I have no head!"

— A three-headed patient

"Kill. Smash. Destroy!"
"Err, yes. Go on."

Galvatron and a therapist starting word association

"I'll destroy everything here—everything! And THEN, I'll destroy the Autobots!"
"Yes, tell me about the Autobots."
"I hate Autobots! I hate Cyclonus! And I'm not very fond of you, either!"

Galvatron and a therapist ending word association

"You wanna scream? I'll give you something to scream about!"

Galvatron playing the abusive parent role.

"You fear me, don't you, planet? You know I know your secret!"


"You cannot stop me! I am Galvatron! I am your destruction!"
"He is crazy."

Galvatron and Cyclonus

"Before we start, there are certain formalities. Does the patient have a service contract with us?"
(Cyclonus shakes his head.)
"Then we'll require a credit reference. I believe we can waive the customary deposit. But should the patient require permanent care, payment will be made in consciousness units rather than conventional currency."
"Erm, what I want to know is --"
"Do you understand and AGREE to these terms?"
"Yes, yes."
"Then, if you'll validate the forms right here."
(Cyclonus signs.)
"And here for diagnostics."
(Cyclonus signs.)
"And for therapeutics."
(Cyclonus signs.)
"And one for parts and labor."
(Cyclonus signs.)
"And accounting."
(Cyclonus signs.)
"And there. That's your copy."
(Cyclonus rips his copy.)

— A Torkuli shows Cyclonus just how messed up the health care system is


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Soundwave's only line in this episode once again lacks his trademark harmonics, meaning it once again sounds like Dr. Claw!
  • The laser blasts' colors in this episode are...odd. When the Decepticons attack the Autobots on the asteroid, their blasts are yellow (usually an Autobot blast color), orange and red. Perceptor fires a blue laser blast at Galvatron, who fires blue lasers back at him!
  • As the Autobots flee, Swindle can be seen among the damaged Sweeps, despite not being seen approaching the asteroid.
  • When Cyclonus says "He IS crazy", part of the Autobot symbol is on his chest.
  • When Cyclonus pleads with Galvatron to use strategy, he actually calls him "mighty Unicron".

Continuity errors


He wants to know why Soundwave doesn't return his calls.

  • Perhaps not a continuity error or an animation flaw, as much as a quirk, is that this is the last G1 appearance of Laserbeak (without Soundwave) who appears in the party of angry Decepticons (walking in one shot no less...) threatening to eliminate Cyclonus if something isn't done about Galvatron's madness.

Transformers references

  • Some allusion is made to Galvatron's former life as Megatron. While the Torkulons attempt to lobotomize the Decepticon leader, he states that they have "no right" to change what he is, to which the Torkulon Doctor replies "You have already been changed, that's the problem." On the other hand, this could also be taken to mean the change away from his saner personality from the movie. Speaking of which...
  • The Torkuli diagnose Galvatron's madness as being caused by a plasma accident, such as his plasma bath in "Five Faces of Darkness".
  • Galvatron's final words in the episode seem to bring to mind a certain other Megatron, yessss.

Real-world references

  • Large portions of the episode, especially the therapy sessions, seemed to parody real psychological treatment methods such as word association and dramatherapy. The intentions of the Alia to consume Galvatron's mind could also be taken as a reference to a lobotomy, a process that can "cure" certain mental illnesses but removes significant parts of the patient's personality.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode is more of a Decepticon episode, as they have the most screen-time here and the Autobots only appear in the beginning, but are mentioned several times.
  • Galvatron manages to make a dangerous weapon in an arts and crafts lesson. Insanity or genius?
  • Not every day you see Sludge without the other Dinobots. Not every day you see him pitch Galvatron across a crater with his head, either.
  • Laserbeak is seen walking for the first time, instead of flying. He usually doesn't leave Soundwave's side when he's not spying. Also, this is his last appearance in the series.

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