Carnivac learns that followng the Autobots' ways has its ups and downs...

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Marvel UK issue #237

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Simon Coleby
Lettering: Glib

  • Originally published: 23 September 1989. Cover date ("off sale") 30 September 1989.


In Dallas, Texas Carnivac is angry with Springer and strikes out. When he agreed to join the Survivors, Survivors! he hoped for some fights and is unhappy with working as a disaster relief service handling train crashes, burning oil rigs, hijacks and the like. Springer declares that if Carnivac walks off the group won't look out for him, even though Catilla makes a plea to understand Carnivac has been going through private tensions since leaving the Decepticons.

M1992 hellhound

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Carnivac runs off alone, thinking how the high-profile role in saving humans that the Survivors have taken on is likely to attract the Decepticons who will want their renegades dead. Suddenly a human car crashes into Carnivac and the driver, recognising the ex Decepticon from television, pleads for help in dealing with a giant mechanical dog that is terrorising the area. Carnivac is initially dismissive but then realises he has to make a stand sometime and charges the dog, rapidly dispatching it.

However the dog is not alone. The new Mayhem Attack Squad Hunting Party! declare their presence and Snarler is surprised that the dog lured out Carnivac alone rather than the Autobots with him. They offer Carnivac a clean death but he declares he is a warrior who will fight to the death if need be. Bludgeon responds that he is only too happy to oblige and charges...


Items of note

  • The Survivors storyline would eventually tie into the alternate continuity of the Earthforce storyline. It's not clear where one draws the line between the main storyline and this portion of the Earthforce branch.


  • The original black and white version was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Way of the Warrior".
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