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A 'bot with two sides, on the one hand, Waverider is the peaceful sort, enjoying the freedom his alternate mode provides him under the waves and the chance to explore the deep, looking for lost treasure or sunken vessels. On the other hand, Waverider is a steadfast warrior and the fiercest of opponents in a fight. He is more than willing to go the extra mile that other Autobots, due to a lack of fighting instinct or general distaste for warfare, might not. Waverider knows what he's fighting for and recognizes the need to fight for it.

French name (Canada): Clapotis


Marvel Comics continuity

A member of Fortress Maximus's crew aboard the Steelhaven, Waverider volunteered for the synthoplasmic conversion process Optimus Prime had stolen from Scorponok, transforming him into an Autobot Pretender. With Optimus Prime coordinating the Pretenders' first battle with the Decepticons, Waverider and his teammates easily overwhelmed the opposing force. Pretender to the Throne!

Waverider demonstrated a knack for going above and beyond the call of duty. He helped battle Thunderwing aboard the Ark. All Fall Down. He was one of few Autobots who ever attempted to reach out to the distraught Dinobot commander Grimlock, though his "tough love" speech nearly got him skewered on the end of an energo-sword. Eye of the Storm! Later, he charged headfirst into the fight with Unicron, concentrating all his firepower on the Planet-Eater until Unicron destroyed him with an optic blast. On the Edge of Extinction!

IDW Generation One comics

Waverider, Cloudburst, Landmine, and Groundbreaker were sent to investigate the Benzuli Expanse, but discovered that any probes or drones entering the area immediately ceased to function. After reporting this to Jetfire, he volunteered them for the Pretender process as a means of safely entering the expanse. Spotlight: Hardhead

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Cyclonus was later patrolling the Benzuli Expanse with Galvatron to look for those who would disturb the Expansion. Upon spotting Cloudburst's ship, Cyclonus called "dibs", and Galvatron happily let Cyclonus attack the vessel. Spotlight: Doubledealer


Generation One

  • Waverider (Pretender, 1988)
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