The Watch-Bot is a Decepticon from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film continuity family.

The Watch-Bot is an expert in covert surveillance. He likes to get under people's skin, literally. He can latch on a target, undetected, and stay there until he has gathered the relevant information. He then drops off and sneaks back to base.


Dark of the Moon film


Dylan Gould gives his "Watch" to Sam Witwicky. The Watch-bot connected itself to Sam's nervous system for the purpose of finding out what the Autobot's plans for a counterattack against the Decepticons was. He accompanied Sam to the base set-up by NEST at the launch site of Xantium. Afterwards, he went with Sam to the launch of the Xantium, and witnessed the destruction of it by Starscream, then Watch-bot disconnected. Sam tried killing it by stamping on it. But it slithered through the bundled cables and grating of the platform they were standing on. Dark of the Moon

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