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Specifics: Toy(s)

The name or term Waspinator refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Waspinator (disambiguation).

Waspinator is the universe's whipping boy. If something goes wrong, it happens to him. If something blows up, he's usually at the epicenter of the explosion. He has been blasted, burned, shot down, torn up, crushed, slashed, smashed, bashed, and otherwise reduced to his component parts times beyond counting. Disturbingly, Rattrap has taken to collecting his severed components.

Waspinator's not the brightest 'bot in the Beast Wars. Megatron has classified the harebrained Predacon as expendable, much to Waspinator's dismay; he doesn't get much more respect from anyone else, either. His speech quirks don't help: he tends to refer to himself in the third person, and to most other people by nicknames like "cat-bot" and "two-head". He's also a bit too fond of the letter "Z" (those prone to witticisms might say he has a "lizzzzp").

Waspinator may be dumb, but he's not stupid. He has caught on to his lot in life, and tries to avoid his fate as often as possible... but fate always finds him. Thankfully, he's almost supernaturally durable, and has survived the most devastating and humiliating of defeats.

"Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage. Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage! Why universe hate Waspinator?"
―Waspinator laments his lot in life[["Deep Metal"| [src]]]

Japanese name: Waspeeter (ワスピーター, wa-su-pii-taa)[1]
Bulgarian name: Osinator (Осинатор)
French-Canadian name (original toy): Bourdon ("Bumblebee", huh?)
French-Canadian name (cartoon, Transmetal form):, Bizznator[2]
Chinese name (Taiwan): Hú-fēng (胡蜂, "Wasp") / Tsāng-yíng (蒼蠅, "Fly", WHAT the ****?)
Italian name: Punginator
Polish name: Osator (Osa = "Wasp")
Russian name (cartoon): Ospinator ("Оспинатор")
Spanish name (cartoon): Avispaneitor
Spanish name (toyline): Avispón ("Hornet")


American cartoon continuity

Timelines: Dawn of Future's Past

Waspy is mi kopilot, but hoo on Sibertron is mi spelcheker?

While Megatron, his lieutenant, and another underling stole a Maximal relic, the Golden Disk, the Predacon who would later name himself Waspinator stole a ship with the help of an accomplice he nicknamed "Beakbot." The two had a contest to name the ship, but "Waspinator" lost, and thus the stolen ship was dubbed the Darksyde. "Waspinator" believed Buzzerbot would have been a better name. For reasons known only to Primus, Megatron agreed.

After escaping Cybertron, the Darksyde was intercepted by the Axalon and the Chromia 10, but after an intense space battle, only the Darksyde and the Axalon remained. Megatron ordered "Waspinator" to excecute their planned transwarp jump, opening up a portal which both ships entered. Dawn of Future's Past

Beast Wars

Give him an orange parka and call him Kenny.

Voice Actor: Scott McNeil (US), Kensō Katō (Japan), Ivo Roberto (Brazil)

Waspinator, part of Megatron's rogue band of Predacons, landed on an unknown planet with dangerous levels of unstable energon. To protect themselves from the energon, the Predacons took organic beast modes. In Waspinator's case, he now transformed into a large green wasp. The first conflict between the stranded Predacons and their Maximal pursuers came when the Maximal Cheetor stumbled across Waspinator. In a stark contrast to his later career, he actually proved to be a serious threat and had the advantage over the inexperienced Cheetor. Beast Wars (Part 1)

He was often partnered on flying missions with Terrorsaur, starting from early on Beast Wars (Part 2), and they were a dangerous duo (and dynamic too); with casual on-job talk and Terrorsaur retrieving Waspinator from rock burial Fallen Comrades, they also seemed to be mates. Unfortunately, as time went on and the Maximals become more experienced, gained two fliers of their own (and got more powerful forms), Waspinator's threat level as an individual fell.

When Rhinox had his personality program converted to that of a Predacon, he started surreptitiously taking out the various Predacons. He swung a cargo crate into Waspinator, giving him a concussion. As a result, Waspy flew around in a daze, claiming to be the Insecticon Shrapnel as well as the great Wonko the Sane. This dementia was apparently reversed when Cheetor later got annoyed at his yattering and shot him down. Dark Designs

The "ghost" of Starscream traveled through time and possessed his body (even changing the Predacon sigil on his helmet to a Decepticon one). It took a major energon explosion to dislodge Starscream's immortal spark from Waspinator's body. It also had the after-effect of giving Waspinator a headache in his whole body. Possession

"Oh, sure, don't mind Waspinator. Waspinator just lie here and suffer, drag himself to CR Chamber."

After the mysterious aliens detonated the unstable energon on the planet using the artificial second moon, Waspinator fell into the Restoration pool on the bridge of the Darksyde as the ship was rocked by the force of the transwarp wave resultant from the moon's explosion. Bathed in the regenerative fluids, this prevented him from becoming a Transmetal. He was also the first to realize that this seemingly unknown planet was, in fact, Earth. Dinobot had made the same realization and stole into the Darksyde to retrieve both of Megatron's disks. Waspinator proposed the two work together to steal the disks, and much to his surprise, Dinobot agreed... and threw him into the security shield. Waspinator was crushed into a cube by the disks' security contraption, leaving Dinobot free to steal the disks unharmed, while Waspinator crawled away to the CR chamber using two fingers. Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1)

Surprisingly, he managed to easily take down Silverbolt on two occasions. Changing of the Guard Master Blaster

Waspinator was also present at the experiment Megatron was undertaking with the alien Transmetal device to bring back Dinobot. Of course this didn't end well for the guy. Feral Scream Part 1

When the newly Transmetal II Cheetor goes feral, Waspinator and Dinobot II are tasked with hunting him. The insect encounters him, and is literally cut to ribbons. Feral Scream Part 2

After the destruction of the Darksyde at Tigerhawk's hands, Megatron sent Waspinator, Inferno, and Quickstrike on an errand to find a new base, which was really nothing more than pointless busywork while Megatron went to do more important things. As the trio staked out an early human tribe that had taken up residence in a series of caves, Waspinator decided he'd finally had enough and ripped off his Predacon symbol, declaring himself out of the Beast Wars.


"I said no! Dragon-Bot command you, Sub-Commander Kiss-Butt! Dragon-Bot not command Waspinator! Not any more! Waspinator sick of being evil! Sick of being Predacon! And Waspinator especially sick of getting blown to scrap all the time! Sooo, Waspinator quit! As of now, which means Ant-Bot and Two-Head can just pucker their mandibles and plant big, wet, juicy one right here on Waspinator's big . . . fat . . . stripy . . .!!!"

At this point Waspinator was interrupted by getting blown to scrap by Inferno and Quickstrike. It is also worth mentioning that this is the first (and only) time that he refers to himself as "I". Nemesis Part 1

"Wazpinator happy at last..."
―Waspinator at the end of The Beast Wars.

His parts recovered by the tribe, Waspinator remained on Earth while all the other surviving Transformers set off for Cybertron, and led the tribe, declaring that he was finally... happy. Nemesis Part 2

For a bit, at least.

Tales of the Beast Wars comics

Antagony threatened to blast Waspinator if Megatron did not back down. Waspinator's warranty had expired, but it didn't matter as Antagony accidently wasted her last shot when she sneezed. Do we even need to guess what happened to Waspinator? Visitations

Later, to his credit, Waspinator was the only Predacon aside from Megatron to not be paralyzed in fear at the sight of a Unicron-possessed Windrazor. Of course, Waspinator had just been blown up for the umpteen millionth time. None of the Maximals expressed satisfaction. They always got Waspinator. Always. Paradox

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Beast Machines

Why Oracle hate Waspinator?

Sadly for Waspinator, the Protohumans he had ruled over grew tired of his presence and forced him to leave the planet and return to Cybertron (and his proper time) under his own power (quite how this could be achieved is unclear). There, his spark was removed and used to power the Vehicon general Thrust.

Influences from his inner spark caused Thrust to save Blackarachnia's life several times, causing her to believe he carried Silverbolt's spark. Revelations Part I: Discovery She later tried to bring his original mind back and discovered, to her disgust, that she'd spent all her effort getting Waspinator back. The Catalyst

Waspinator loved his new role as a "cool biker-bot" because he thinks girls love a brooding loner. Also, he doesn't get blown up anymore.

Waspinator remained in the "background" and let Thrust run the show, until Cheetor used an extractor to remove Waspinator's spark from the body shell. Endgame Pt. II: When Legends Fall After Cybertron's technorganic reformatting (thanks to Optimus Primal, through the cost of his and Megatron's lives) Waspinator returned in his beast mode with Thrust's head, now the size of a standard wasp. He complained to Rattrap about how much he wanted glory and power and never gets what he wants... at which point Rattrap swatted him away. Proving once again that Waspinator's life sucks. Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future

Note: While the suggestions that Thrust was really Silverbolt turned out to be a red herring, his actions could suggest Waspinator has some feelings for Blackarachnia that are strong enough to impact Vehicon programming - something Silverbolt's spark hadn't done. Or perhaps, as he notes, he simply wanted to impresses the "chick-bots" in general, and Blackarachnia was the only game in town.


After the reformatting of Cybertron, Waspinator came under the command of Galvatron. His tiny size and great speed made him an excellent scout and messenger, and he reported to Galvatron that the invading Quintessons had entered a particular canyon that the Predacons had booby-trapped. He seemed very giddy to have a commander who actually found him useful for once. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Later, Waspinator was part of a team sent to rescue victims of Unicron who had been transported to an isolated, icy planetoid. OTFCC 2004 Live-Action Script Reading

Beast Wars: Transmetals (N64 & PSX)

Full Metal Yellowjacket

Voice Actor: Scott McNeil (US), ??? (Japan)

In an alternate timeline, Transmetal Waspinator joins his fellow Predacons in distributing various one-on-one beat downs to the Maximals. Eventually he got fed up and, like in the main timeline, quit and became a god to early humanity; unlike the main timeline, he did this after kicking everyone's butt. Beast Wars: Transmetals

Japanese cartoon continuity

15 Go! Go! manga

The time-traveling human Atari Hitotonari and the Sparkbot Star Dust witnessed a battle between Waspinator and Optimus Primal.


Beast Wars


When Toa Matoro died, Waspinator took mask and wore it.

  • Waspinator (Deluxe, 1996/1997)
    • Japanese ID number: D-3
    • Accessories: Launcher, 2 missiles
Waspinator transforms into a large organic wasp. His stinger separates to become a hand-held spring-loaded missile launcher for his robot mode; the bolts are stored on the underside of his insect-wings. His head is on a vertical column that rotates around a horizontal axle; each end has a different head, one "mutant", one "robot". The "mutant" head was used as the base for his CGI model, and thus the norm for his fictional portrayals. The Takara version of Waspinator uses slightly brighter, more primary colors than the Hasbro version.
This mold was later redecoed for a "Fox Kids" version, as well as both the Hasbro and Takara 10th anniversary versions of the character.
This mold was also used to make Buzz Saw and Dirgegun.


  • Cheetas vs. Waspitter (Multi-pack, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-3
    • Accessories: Launcher, 2 missiles
In Japan, Waspinator was available both individually and in a two-pack with Cheetor. The two-pack version was unchanged from the normal individually-packaged one.


  • Waspinator (Deluxe Transmetal, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-42
    • Accessories: Stinger-rifle
Now an almost completely robotic figure, Transmetal Waspinator transforms into a robotic wasp and features a third "jet" mode, flipping and folding his wings into a fighter-jet configuration as well as flipping a cockpit/nosecone between his insect-head mandibles. Though he appears solid black at first glance, he is actually made of very dark transparent-black/green plastic.
The Takara version of this toy is almost completely identical, except the "WASPINATOR" tampograph was replaced with "DESTRON" and the Predacon sigil.
This mold was later redecoed for a "Fox Kids" version of the character. It was slated for a Universe version of Waspinator, but that set was canceled.


  • Metals Cheetas vs. Metals Waspitor (Multi-pack, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-42
    • Accessories: Stinger-rifle
In Japan, Transmetal Waspinator was available both individually and in a two-pack with Transmetal Cheetor. The two-pack version was unchanged from the normal individually-packaged one.


  • Waspinator (Deluxe, 1999)
    • Accessories: Launcher, 2 missiles
This toy is a redeco of the first Waspinator toy. A "FoxKids!" sticker on the packaging promoted the cartoon, which was playing on Fox at the time. It is also hideously ugly, consisting primarily of slate blue and green-gold plastic, with dark blue (barely) translucent parts.


Why FoxKidzzzz hate Waspinator?

  • Waspinator (Deluxe Transmetal, 2000)
    • Accessories: Stinger-rifle
This toy is a redeco of the Transmetal Waspinator toy. A "FoxKids!" sticker on the packaging promoted the cartoon, which was playing on Fox at the time. The toy's new deco bears more than a passing resemblance to Buzz Saw.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary

  • Waspinator (Tenth Anniversary, 2006)
    • Accessories: Launcher, 2 missiles, Transmutate's head
This toy is a slight redeco of the first Waspinator toy to make it closer to Waspinator's cartoon appearance, replacing the gray with green and adding extra gold paint applications. He came with the head to Transmutate plus a DVD with the episode "Possession".



  • Darksyde Megatron and Darksyde Waspinator (Bagged set, 2006)
    • Accessories: 2-part rifle
Available exclusively at the BotCon 2006 event itself, this two-pack represents Waspinator and Megatron before the events of the Beast Wars show. "Darksyde Waspinator" is a Basic-sized figure, originally used for Machine Wars Skywarp and Thundercracker, which autotransforms to robot mode from a Dassault Rafale fighter jet. (One can surmise, however, that it is meant to represent a Cybertronic design in this case.) His rifle splits into two pieces, which store in the backs of his lower legs.
This mold was also used to make Beast Wars II Dirge, Robots in Disguise Skyfire, and Robot Masters Wing Stun.

Beast Wars Telemocha Series


  • Waspinator (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: TM-04
    • Accessories: Launcher, 2 missiles
This toy is a ridiculously-extensively-painted redeco of the first Waspinator toy to make it almost completely show-accurate to Waspinator's cartoon appearance (forgiving mold issues and unpaintable plastic, of course). He came with a DVD of the episode "Power Surge".



  • Waspinator (Deluxe, 2014)
  • Accesories: Comic, Stinger gun.
This figure was released as part of the new "Thrilling 30" line of Generations figures. An update of the original Waspinator, he still features his stinger weapon.
Unlike the older toy and other insect transformers, his insect legs are actually strong enough to support his weight.
In Beast mode he features a spring loaded wing flapping gimmick.


UnUni For a brief time, Hasbro's official website checklist featured listings for two "Halloween Horrorcon Value Packs" that were to be Wal*Mart exclusives... which also likely explains why they were canceled. (Wal*Mart had taken a good half-dozen exclusives and released them more-or-less simultaneously, leading to a huge glut. A lot of other Transformers exclusives were canceled during the Universe era.)

In 2004, several test-shots appeared on eBay in a group, among them the Transmetal Waspinator toy with opaque-salmon wings and lavender insect legs. This, presumably, was to have been the Universe incarnation of Waspinator, as the other toys in the group line up with the names given for the two Halloween sets. He was to come in a "Vs." two-pack with the presumably-Autobot character Nightprowler.


Robot Heroes

  • Rhinox vs Waspinator (2008)


  • Waspinator was originally chosen by Hasbro to be one of the characters killed off for the second season of the Beast Wars cartoon to help make way for new characters (read: product). However, story editors Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio convinced them to spare Waspinator on the grounds of his popularity with the online fan-base, so Terrorsaur took the plunge instead. Besides, Waspinator always got blown into pieces or smashed or ...etc., and would just come back.
  • Not only has Waspinator become the most one of the most popular and well known Transformers in the franchise but he has also become rather popular with the ladies.
  • For someone who dies so much, he was the only Predacon to survive both Beast Wars and Beast Machines.
  • Waspinator was originally slated to appear in the very first Beast Wars video game, and even had a character model built. However, he was ultimately unused and only appeared in footage taken from the Beast Wars cartoon.
  • Waspinator appears to be the inspiration for Buzzer-Bot from the Playskool Go-Bots line, as well as the obvious Wasp character from Transformers Animated.
  • When Waspinator is hit from behind by a stasis pod ship made by Blackarachnia, a toilet is seen falling from Waspinator's smashed body. Now Waspinator need new waste disposal unit!
  • According to Waspinator's profile in Beast Wars Universe, he likes flying and nectar.
  • Waspinator has a yellow tongue in robot mode.
  • While Waspinator usually refers to other characters by nicknames, he is fairly consistent about calling Megatron and Optimus Primal by their real names. Fairly He also refers to Inferno by name at least twice, and Tarantulas and Terrorsaur at least once.
  • Since he's the last bad guy in the end of Beast Machines, he's the last remaining Predacon/Vehicon, the only villain left on Cybertron and the only Technorganic bad guy since everything was reformatted. He never died, joined the Maximals or even became a Transmetal.
  • Technically, Waspinator's beast mode is that of a female wasp, given that males do not possess a stinger. He would probably find this objectionable, along with everything else in his life. But it would be an advantage against "Doggy-Bot".
  • For reasons known only to Primus, Waspinator happens to be a female in the French dub. Why froggies hate Waspinator ?
  • As a side note, Waspinator's original toy contains a high number of ball and swivel joints, which more than easily separate. Makes him a little more show-accurate, after all.
  • Overall, he is pretty much the one and only truly IMMORTAL Transformer (because for some reason no matter how many times you destroy him, he just won't die).
  • Throughout the Beast Era, Waspinator has been destroyed or otherwise damaged roughly 59 times. Poor guy.
  • Waspinator is in the Transformers Hall of Fame.
  • Somebody give this guy a hug.
  • Given how many times waspinator has been blown to scrap and survived and since he has shown the ability to reassemble himself unassisted (since no one bothers to help him he has no choice) coupled with his......eccentric speech pattern it may be safe to assume he is a Junkion they are able to reassemble themselves after such damage normally lethal damage and he is basically a reference to kenny afterall
  • On a leaser note he should shoot his language teacher he would be easier to understand if he just kept talking TV


  1. This particular Romanization was used on a Japanese Beast Wars trading card, which is about as valid as anything else in these matters.
  2. It is unknown at this time if Waspinator was Bizznator in both Quebec and France, or if there were even two separate French dubs of Beast Wars to begin with. However, it is definitely known that only Canada got packaging with actual French names on it.

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