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Waspinator is a surprisingly competent Decepticon given the rather more hapless souls who typically bear the name. He has the ability to fire a bolt of energy from the weapon on his left arm which powers up his fellow Decepticons, making him an invaluable ally.


Robots in Disguise mobile game

Waspinator was one of the Decepticons aboard the Alchemor and was freed by Steeljaw. Using a cloning process, a small army of clones of Waspinator and many of his fellow Decepticons were created to battle the Autobots. Waspinator himself lurked in the forest near the Alchemor crash site, where the other Decepticons were constructing a space bridge. Unfortunately for him, he was found and defeated by Bumblebee's Autobot team, who presumably stuffed him back into a stasis pod.


  • Waspinator's name doesn't appear in the game itself, but was found by looking at the game files.
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