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:''Waspinator is <s>Formely an [[Autobot]]</s> a [[Predacon]] from the [[Transformers Animated]] [[continuity family]].''
:''Waspinator is <s>Formely an [[Autobot]]</s> a [[Predacon (Animated)|Predacon]] from the [[Transformers Animated]] [[continuity family]].''
[[Image:WaspAutobot.jpg|thumb|right|Wasp and Bee. Obvious, with hindsight.]]
[[Image:WaspAutobot.jpg|thumb|right|Wasp and Bee. Obvious, with hindsight.]]
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Waspinator is Formely an Autobot a Predacon from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

Wasp and Bee. Obvious, with hindsight.

Waspinator is a lot like Bumblebee - physically, at least. Built from the same chassis and sharing many of the same specifications and subroutines, the two Autobots attended boot camp together. Wasp's pompous, smarmy personality leaves something to be desired, but he had a lot going for him as a soldier, being highly skilled in the use of his stingers and knowing just how to tow the line with the drill sergeant. In a better life, he might have been Cybertron Elite Guard commander material.

Might have.

"Looks like the hybrid found himself a new friend... a total mudflap!"
―Wasp lets the world know his high opinion of Bumblebee and Bulkhead[["Autoboot Camp"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

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Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Jaron Löwenberg (German)

Wasp was a cadet in the same group as Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Ironhide and Longarm. Right away, Wasp took an instant disliking to Bumblebee, insulting him out of the blue as the yellow bot mused to himself about his future in the Elite Guard. He also dubbed Bulkhead a "mudflap", much to the amusement of his fellow cadets. The loud-mouthed drill sergeant Sentinel Minor took an immediate liking to "Wasp", as he dubbed him. Wasp and Ironhide quickly became close friends, often competing in little tests of strength, usually involving Wasp hitting or stinging Ironhide while the latter was in armor mode.

After Bumblebee "bumbled" several times, leading to many transform-ups for the whole group, Wasp and Ironhide decided to take matters into their own hands, unscrewing Bumblebee's lower legs and leaving them out of reach even before they dumped the rest of him in a locker.

Unbeknownst to Wasp, however, the reason for Bumblebee's foul-ups was that he was trying to out a traitor in the group—and had pegged Wasp as the likely culprit after seeing him walk out of a hangar in which someone had contacted Megatron an the fact that Wasp is clearly like a Decepticon due to his attitude. With the aid of Longarm, Bumblebee eventually found evidence incriminating Wasp as a spy. Wasp was stripped of his Autobot insignia and wheeled away, protesting his innocence and swearing revenge on Bumblebee.


Wasp was once a 'Bot...

Many years later, Wasp escaped from Autobot custody and apparently eluded the now-Sentinel Prime by jumping through a space bridge. What was left of Wasp hid beneath the bridge as Sentinel left, buzzing and twittering to himself, still swearing revenge on "Bumblebot". In reality, however, Wasp—broken mentally by his years of imprisonment—was set up with planted evidence by "Longarm", the actual double agent, who had also arranged Wasp's "escape" to divert suspicion from himself Autoboot Camp. Needless to say, when the truth was revealed to Bumblebee, Longarm revealing his actual identity as Shockwave, he is horrified that he actually sent a innocent bot to prison before regaining his composure to deal with with the crisis at hand. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Wasp vehicle

Wasp seeks revenge of Bumblebot.

After evading Sentinel Prime and Jazz, Wasp arrived on Earth to exact revenge on Bumblebee, in spite of being told that truth behind his imprisonment. Disabling Bumblebee, Wasp switches paint applications with him and takes Bumblebee's identity with the actual one assuming the position of being hunted down by the Elite Guard with Prime's crew trying to get to him first, attempting to explain the situation behind Wasp. While this occured, Wasp decides to learn more of Bumblebee to get further into character by the time the truth of the switch is revealed. Though he nearly suceeded in convincing Sentinel Prime otherwise, being challenged to a match of Robot Gladiator to expose him forces a nervous Wasp, who is terrible at videogames, to take Bumblebee as a shield as he reminds the others that he was framed and therefore a good guy. But after Bulkhead tells him he may not have been a traitor, he was never good to start with, Wasp flees into the night after using Bumblebee to cover his escape. Where Is Thy Sting?




Finally Blackarachnia has a guinea pig pal.

  • Waspinator (Deluxe class, 2009)
Amazingly enough not a redeco or remold of Bumblebee, Waspinator transforms from a techno-organic wasp into a winged robot. He is to debut in his new form in the upcoming episode Predacons Rising.
Like the his Beast Wars counterpart, Waspinator's robot mode looks like his beast mode. His wing flap if you push a lever on his back.


  • Wasp's time in prison seems to have shattered his mind and transformed him into a character akin to Waspinator of Beast Wars fame, for his speech pattern is now quite similar to the latter as he refers to himself in the third person and speaks in crude and incorrect grammar, for example, "Wasp make Bumblebot pay for ruining Wasp life,". Both of these people get misfortune sprung on them, but this character's misfortune is in a more serious vein than slapstick violence. The role of whipping boy is another's.
  • In the present day, after Wasp escapes, his color scheme resembles z's with a lime green body and purple eyes compared to his original gold and blue color scheme.
  • David Kaye hinted before the debut of the show that Waspinator would make an appearance. Perhaps this is what he meant.
  • According to his toy bio, Wasp's reformat is the result of bizarre experiments conducted by Blackarachnia and that he can survive being blown to pieces.
  • After being reformated into Waspinator, remsembling a slicker, faster, and cooler-looking version of his Beast Wars counterpart, the head of his Beast Mode bares some resemblance to Beast Machines Thrust's vehicle mode.
  • In the episode Predacons Rising, one of the final scenes shows Waspinator in several pieces and attempting to pull himself together. Not as funny as the original, but still good to see him in pieces.
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