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The Warworld is a starship in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation 2 continuity family.
Warworld Senior

Your answer must be stated in the form of a massacre.

The Warworld is a vast, roughly spherical Decepticon battle cruiser created by Bludgeon. It is heavily armed and has a large bridge window covering most of its front side.


Marvel comics continuity[]

Warworld Yaniger

Man, I hope they impale that little ship on their giant bat'leth.

Bludgeon's purpose for creating the Warworld was as a ship for stealing energy and other resources throughout space (including those from the Jabbi-Ko, Karkan, and Szorian races). It was originally his flagship and host to his army of Decepticon clones.

When Megatron battled and destroyed Bludgeon, he took command of the crew and ship. The Warworld was involved in many Autobot conflicts.

Starscream stole the Matrix and used its power to combine himself with the Warworld. He reshaped its interior, battled Jhiaxus's troops, and tortured Megatron and Optimus Prime. But the Matrix's essence started to turn him from his evil ways. Starscream was so scared of becoming good that he did not put up any resistance when Optimus Prime and Megatron took the Matrix away from him.

Note: The general look of the Warworld tended to change as the series progressed. In-fiction, this could be the result of its nature as a continuously-growing patchwork of stolen alien technology. In reality, it's what you get when three very different artists depict a massive glob of sprawling machinery.

Japanese Generation 2[]

When the recently departed Ultra Magnus became aware of a massive fleet of mobile warships Galvatron II was building, he used the Reconfiguration Matrix to resurrect himself in a new body.

Note: This story seems to take cues from " Alignment", the non-canonical conclusion to Generation 2 written by Simon Furman, which involved Galvatron II taking control of the Decepticons and building a fleet of Warworlds.


  • Another spherical super-weapon also called War World appeared in the Superman comics.