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The name or term Warpath refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Warpath (disambiguation).

Warpath is an Autobot from Prime continuity family.


Warpath is a powerful, but young, Autobot who Optimus Prime brought, along with Ironhide, with him to Cybertron's core. When Ironhide questioned Optimus as to why he brought "this kid" along Optimus replies by telling Ironhide that he was about to find out. Warpath immediately destroys a heavily armored door with his cannon while saying his catchphrase, "KABLAM".

"I only have one setting old-timer. KABLAM!"
―Warpath makes his personality painfully obvious to Ironhide.

"Man, I get to shoot more stuff? SCORE!!"
―Warpath about himself.


War for Cybertron[]

Warpath and Ironhide escorted Optimus Prime to the Core of Cybertron to cleanse it of Dark Energon. In their way, however, were legions of Decepticons guarding the Core from any Autobots looking to purify it. When they reached the Omega Gate, they find Omega Supreme physically corrupted with Dark Energon, enabling him defenseless against his Decepticon captors. The trio quickly find a way to free Omega Supreme and destroy his guards. Omega gives his thanks, and Optimus radios Ratchet to get to their location to repair Omega so that he may open the Omega Gate.


This will bring the 'k' in KABLAM!

Ratchet complies, and arrives as hordes of Decepticons attempt to overrun the heroes. Ratchet is able to revive Omega just as a Decepticon tank drone is about to finish off the Autobots. Omega quickly destroys the drone and opens the Gate for the three. Optimus tells Ratchet to take Omega back to the base for further repairs. Along the way to the Core, they encounter space slugs. Startled, Warpath asks what they are, and Optimus tells him they are Cybertron's natural defenses, and will eat away at the corruption. Later on, they are encountered by three more space slugs, who have turrets on their backs. The Autobots board the turrets and mow down Decepticon forces that are guarding the Core. Just as they reach the entrance, a Corrupted Space Worm destroys the floor beneath the space slugs. The Autobots reawaken to find themselves lost and separated, and navigate throughout the maze to find each other. While Ironhide and Optimus find each other, Warpath spots some Decepticons traveling through a tunnel, and destroys them. Warpath later helps Optimus and Ironhide by opening some bridges across an Energon river. The two are met by Decepticon resistance at the other side, and Warpath assists by using a nearby turret to take them out.



After taking out the Decepticons, the heroes reunite and head for the entrance to the Core. As they reach the Core, the same Corrupted Space Worm that attempted to destroy them earlier appears, and battles them while hooking itself to the Core. As the Autobots are able to defeat the Corrupted Worm, Primus reawakens and thanks the Autobots for their help, but they are too late. He tells Optimus that he can survive and repair the planet, but he will have to shut down the entire planet, leaving it cold and barren. Primus then gives Optimus the Matrix of Leadership, claiming that as long as the Matrix survives, so shall he.

Fall of Cybertron[]

Warpath was defending the Ark and helped Optimus lift some rubble. He shows to be very serious in combat as he rallied and inspired the Autobot grunts to hit the 'Cons with guns blazing and gears grinding!

His fate is currently unknown whether he boarded the Ark when it took off or just stayed behind with the Autobot resistance.


  • In the first Autobot mission after the second War-machine is defeated, if you look at the top right of the screen, you will see Warpath on a broken walkway shooting at a war-machine in the distance.
  • Later on, he's seen together with Ironhide and other Autobot soldiers on a platform (a sort of lift) near Decagon in an Autobot base.
  • His tank mode, like all the other bots with tank modes in War for Cybertron, rather than having thrusters on the bottom of craft, projects a strange electrical aura on the ground he is hovering over.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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