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Warpath is member of the Cybertronian Elite Guard with an attitude, and a big gun.

"Any Autobot that won't fight Decepticons is no better than a 'Con himself."
―"Five Servos of Doom"


Animated cartoon

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Voice actor: David Kaye (English), Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)

I want this image caption to say "Warpath carries Prowl to Yoketron" not "Get the Zing Zang heck out of here."

In one of Prowl's flashbacks, Warpath is taking a younger, more rebellious Prowl to Master Yoketron after the bot tries to escape participation in the Autobot-Decepticon War. Warpath makes it clear that those who don't fight the Decepticons aren't any better than the 'Cons themselves. Prowl gives him some lip and he is tempted to take him on, until Yoketron tells Warpath that he had it under control. Warpath leaves grumbling about Prowl being a "draft dodging peacenik" but not without uttering a "bam, pow" first. Five Servos of Doom

Warpath appeared to have been a casualty of the Great War TransWarped

But since he seems to have survived, having been present for the parade heralding Sentinel Prime (Animated)'s return and rise to Magnus. Decepticon Air

I don't this "LOOK AT ME IN THE CORNER NOW!" in my image caption

He was in the crowd to welcome Optimus Prime and his crew on their triumphant return their prisoner Megatron and his captive army. Endgame, Part II


  • Warpath is based on his Generation One counterpart including his habit of saying explosion onomatopoeia, though this no longer dominates his speech. He is also much larger than his G1 counterpart, with a more serious personality.
  • Warpath is the second Autobot in Transformers Animated to be seen with a gun, after the walking arsenal that is Omega Supreme. In timelines, Warpath was the first before Omega Supreme.
  • While undersized in the episode "Decepticon Air", he was back to his original size when he saw the Earth Autobots coming back to Cybertron. Endgame, Part II
  • Having a serious personality, this is the only serious page on Transformers wiki.


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