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Warpath is a brash and boastful Autobot. He is always keen to show off his prowess with his giant cannon. Not only is it violently powerful, but it's extremely accurate, even over a range of a mile and a half. It gives him the confidence to charge headlong into battle against the Decepticons.

"I've only got one setting, old timer: KABLAAM!"
―Warpath to Ironhide in Transformers: War for Cybertron


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Warpath was among the many Autobots who defended the Decagon during the Decepticon invasion of Iacon and helped clear a path for the future Optimus Prime and his team. After Optimus became Prime following the death of Sentinel Zeta Prime, Warpath joined Optimus and Ironhide on a mission to Cybertron's infected core. After successfully cleansing the core and defeating a corrupted Spaceslug, it turned out that their journey was pointless; the core had to deactivate itself in order for the planet to survive, which would take millions of years. As Warpath and Ironhide displayed worried glances after Optimus proclaimed that the Autobots must leave Cybertron in order for them to survive, they bore witness as Optimus received the Matrix of Leadership from the core.

He later helped evacuate Cybertron's population during the big shutdown, surviving Trypticon's rampage.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Six days before the launch of the Ark, Warpath got word that Perceptor and some other Autobot techheads were trapped in Autobot City's nerve center. He and Optimus took some troopers to fight off the Decepticons attacking the center. Despite heavy resistance, they cleared the area and Optimus sent Warpath back to organize the Ark's defenses. Unfortunately the Decepticons launched a massive assault on the Autobot launch pad and it was only when Optimus got the neutron gun and Metroplex online that the Decepticons were eventually repelled. 

It is unknown whether he boarded the Ark on its takeoff or stayed behind with the Autobot resistance.