The War of the Primes was a conflict that took place between factions that formed among the members of the Thirteen following the defeat of Unicron.


Transformers: The Covenant of Primus

According to this account, the War of the Primes was the culmination of a string of events instigated largely by the manipulative Liege Maximo. Ultimately, Megatronus murdered Solus Prime after she refused to turn over a set of armor commissioned by Maximo to him. A battle subsequently resulted between Maximo's forces and the others, which led to Maximo's demise and Megatronus' self-imposed exile. As a result of this battle Onyx Prime and Micronus Prime would join the AllSpark; Vector Prime, Quintus Prime, and Nexus Prime would depart Cybertron; and Alpha Trion, Prima, and Alchemist Prime would remain to shape the growing Cybertronian civilization.

Transformers: Exodus, Exiles, and Retribution

This account differs somewhat from that featured in The Covenant of Primus. Here, Liege Maximo survived the conflict and fled into space, to later be hunted down and imprisoned by Alchemist Prime. Megatronus, while still changing his name to "The Fallen," is also thought to be unrepentant.

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