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They're baaaaaack...


A group of Autobots led by Grimlock destroys a group of Decepticons in the deepest reaches of space. They have unearthed a group of Cybertronians intent on colonizing all the worlds within their grasp. Jhiaxus, the leader of this group of Decepticons, has decided to take matters into his own hands, and captures Grimlock's group in order to demonstrate to them the futility of fighting against his forces. Discouraged by the apparent limitlessness of the threat they now face, the Autobots nonetheless decide to fight back. But as terrible as this new threat is, Optimus Prime is having visions of something even worse on the horizon...

Featured characters

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  • Optimus Prime is depicted on the cover as having bullet casings lodged in his head, despite the fact that bullets are not fired in their entirety from the barrel of a weapon.
  • Optimus Prime mentions Galvatron among the threats the Autobots have overcome. In the U.S. continuity, most of the people who actually encountered one Galvatron ended up dead, and the few that survived didn't learn his name. So how does Prime know it? (In the UK continuity, Optimus encountered Galvatron (or Galvatrons) on several occasions, but whether this issue has a place in UK continuity is debatable.)

Items of note

  • Real-world references: The cover tagline "This is not your father's Autobot!" is a play on the then-current advertising slogan for Oldsmobile cars.
  • In the first draft of the fold-out cover's battle scene, G1 Megatron was used rather than the G2 tank model.
  • Seen in flashbacks: Bludgeon, Megatron [in his original body], Shockwave, Scorponok, Galvatron, Straxus, Ratbat, Unicron, Buster Witwicky.
  • Grimlock and others revived with Nucleon can transform again, with no explanation. Since "Another Time and Place" doesn't fit into this continuity, we are to assume they found some other way of canceling Nucleon's effects. A later letters page briefly explained that upon retaking Cybertron the Autobots had found a proper energy source, restoring their transformation.


  • On page 16, Optimus Prime reflects on threats faced in the original Marvel comic series. Optimus later refers to Bludgeon's claim to be taking the Decepticons into voluntary exile from the final G1 issue.
  • Pages 25–26 tie in to the G.I. Joe comics tie-in from issues #138–142.
  • Page 28 shows Straxus in a flashback, describing him as a "small-minded tyrant."
  • Page 31 depicts a flashback of Ratbat attacking Buster Witwicky, presumably from issue #37 of the U.S. series.

Covers (2)

  • Cover A: Optimus Prime with bullets in his head by Derek Yaniger
  • RI cover: foil version of cover A


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