Walter Simmons is a human from the live-action movie continuity family. He is known as "The Old Man" to those within Sector Seven.

In the late 1960s, Walter Simmons is a man of great power and significance, the secret mover and shaker behind Sector Seven.

He is the father of Seymour Simmons.


Ghosts of Yesterday novel

Walter Simmons was regarded as the head of Sector Seven, despite the fact that they had no distinctions among them. Though he had not served in the military, Simmons was regarded as powerful, and a little scary. It was said he knew where most of the skeletons were buried, and how they had become skeletons in the first place.

When Ghost 1 was lost, Colonel Kinnear decided not to immediately inform him, as there was really nothing substantial to report. Later, when Simmons did hear, he was upset, but not as badly as Kinnear had feared. He also assigned Kinnear to oversee the moving of the Ice Man from the Arctic base to a more secure facility holding another alien device. They had received some intelligence that the Soviets might know something about the Ice Man, and Simmons wanted Kinnear to ensure everything went smoothly. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

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