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Walter Barnett is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

Walter Barnett (left) doubling the readership of Robot-Master.

Walter Barnett is an agent of the Intelligence and Information Institute, specifically charged with working out how to deal with the presence of alien robots on Earth. He has a wife and a son.

He is responsible for hiring Donny Finkleberg to play the role of "Robot-Master," and has also supervised the activities of the Rapid Anti-robot Assault Team, commonly known as RAAT.

When in collaboration with Circuit Breaker, he seems to flip flop between wanting to destroy the Autobots and wanting to give them a chance.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Walter was first seen with a naval fleet investigating the Decepticons' oil rig base. He overheard Shockwave making plans to steal sonic energy but apparently didn't do anything to stop him, instead relying on G.B. Blackrock calling in the Autobots. Rock and Roll-OutHe later came up with the idea of having Donny Finkleberg pose as a terrorist controlling the robots to allay public fear. When a deactivated Megatron was found in a quarry, Barnett turned up with Finkleberg to shoot some propaganda footage and showed how good he was going to be at managing the Transformer threat by attacking Optimus Prime and the Autobots and allowing Soundwave to retrieve and revive Megatron. I, Robot-Master

Walter was present for Forsythe's briefing on Joy Meadows' attempt to expose the Robot Master scam. In the National InterestAfter setting up RAAT, he accepted the gift of seven deactivated Autobots from Circuit Breaker but was bothered by reports of Skids saving a driver from a power line disaster, wondering if perhaps some robots weren't a threat. When they stumbled upon a battle between Superion and Menasor and Circuit Breaker demonstrated her usual knack for attacking the robot that wasn't a threat, Barnett was on hand to save her from Menasor. Heavy TrafficHis goodwill dried up however when he learned Circuit Breaker and Finkleberg had agreed to release the captive Autobots in exchange for them stopping the Battlechargers and he fired them both. Decepticon Graffiti

These events probably prompted Barnett to lead an attack on the Decepticons' base. He wasn't that committed to the idea however since all it took was a few wild shots from Megatron to convince him to come back later when they were out. Gone But Not ForgottenHe later visited Big Steve Ludwig to collect the disabled Throttlebots only to be interrupted by the Protectobots and Combaticons. He refused to believe they weren't working together until they started shooting each other, at which point he decided to deal with the situation by grabbing the helpless Throttlebots and running for the hills. Used Autobots

With this evidence and his conversations with the captive Throttlebots, he became convinced they were harmless and strongly disapproved with Forsythe's plan to have them executed. He saved them by transferring their brain modules into toy cars, then sought out Buster Witwicky for help in returning them to the Autobots. However, along the way they were attacked by Ratbat and the Predacons and although he acquitted himself well, Barnett was separated from Buster and Goldbug. Toy SoldiersAfterwards, he brought the remaining Throttlebots along with him to join Forsythe with the naval fleet attempting to storm the Decepticons' island base but ordered them to abort the attack when he realised they had Buster as a hostage. He had at least learned one lesson though and accepted Rollbar's advice not to open fire on Fortress Maximus' Autobots when they arrived to help. The Desert Island of Space

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