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Wally Burr is an American voice actor and director. As the voice director for the Generation One cartoon, Burr has had many stories told of him by actors on the show, who universally recall his perfectionist recording sessions as exhausting, voice-straining experiences, to the point that Michael Bell jokingly implicated the strain involved as the cause of Orson Welles's death.

In contrast to most directors, Burr was regularly insistent on prolonging recording sessions out to the eight-hour maximum defined by the Screen Actor's Guild - whether, to quote Hal Rayle, "it was necessary or not." That habit of his, it is said, was a major contributing factor to the 1987 animation voice artist strike; one of the striking actors' primary demands was the reduction of the maximum session length to four hours. Maurice LaMarche had less-kind words, suggesting that all Burr really wanted was for the actor to "parrot" the lines back to him as he himself would have performed them.

Aside from voicing some incidental characters, he has also filled in roles for regular voice actors who were unavailable for taping.

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