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Threat or menace?

Wall Crawlers, also known as Snipers crawl around on walls. They are a blend of Decepticon Sniper and Seeker units seen earlier in the war, combining the former's weaponry with the latter's mobility.


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

The spider-like Wall Crawlers are functionally a blend of the Decepticon Sniper and Seeker units seen earlier in the war, combining the former's weaponry with the latter's mobility. They generally cling to a surface, scanning the area with their laser sights until an enemy walks into range, at which point they open fire with powerful and accurate laser blasts. After firing a shot or being fired upon, they detach from the wall and fly to another vantage point, in an attempt to prevent enemies from exploiting their weak armor.

However, Wall Crawlers have glaring weaknesses in both phases of their battle strategy. In sniper mode, they take a while to line up a shot, during which time an Autobot or Decepticon with quick reflexes and good aim can follow the laser sight and blast the source of the gunfire. In flight mode, Wall Crawlers are unable to attack and fairly visible targets; furthermore, it takes them a moment to reconfigure into their combat form, during which time they are immobile and vulnerable. To compensate for their flaws, Wall Crawlers are often found in groups or as support for other units, forcing enemies to choose between taking down the immediate threats or picking off the sniper support. 

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Wall Crawlers were among the Decepticon forces trying to kill Optimus Prime and Jazz during their infiltration to Kolkular, they were destroyed by the Autobot leader. Later, grey Wall Crawlers were among the mercenary forces trying to capture Bumblebee and Drift's jungle mission, but Bumblebee blasted them to pieces.

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