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The Robotic battle suits are a type of mech suit developed by the United States military. They're also referred to as Walkers.


An experimental weapons division under the command of General Rufus "Mad Dog" Madison have developed the robotic battle suits as part of the military robotics program to combat terrorists like MECH. Unfortunately, the U.S. government didn't see the value of the battlesuits and shut the program down. Learning of the existence of the Autobots, Madison jumped into a conclusion that a rival department had stolen their battlesuit designs, so he took six battlesuits his division had built, and laid a trap for the Autobots. Though the suits have fared well against Optimus Prime and his team, Madison soon discovered that they weren't humans in battlesuits at all.

Then the military arrived on the scene and carted Madison away in a trolly and the robotic suits and its pilots were also taken away for debriefing and maintenance.

Known Pilots

Known Robotic Battle Suits

Robotic battle suit}}

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