Insane risks are what give Vroom a reason to live, it seems. There's nothing that sparks his circuits like just barely out-running the expanding fireball of a Decepticon installation he just blew to smithereens. he made his name in the Asphalt Wars of Cybertron, and since that day has been pushing his endurance (and luck) with more and more dangerous missions. Sure, with his skill, he could probably achieve them with a lot less threat of injury or death... but where's the fun in that?


IDW comics continuity

Of COURSE! Instead of remaining idle, the other hand can ALSO be used to fire a SECOND gun! Why hasn't anyone thought of that before??

Vroom was stationed at the penal colony Garrus 9, under the overall command of Fortress Maximus. Though he fought on the frontlines firing two guns at the same time, he and his fellow soldiers failed to repel a raid by Banzaitron's strike team, the Combaticons. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

Fine Prime, I'll go start a biker gang... we'll be called the Wild Cogs and you can't join!

  • Vroom (Mega Pretender, 1989)
    • Accessories: Magnetic Repeller Rifle, Illusionizer, small wheel, sidecar/base
As a Mega Pretender, Vroom comes with a fair amount of stuff. Opening up his armored-human Pretender shell reveals the stored core robot, who turns into a Cybertronic dragster. The humanoid shell can also be transformed into a Cybertronic motorcycle. Both vehicle modes can then be combined (repositioning a few of the accessories), giving the larger shell-cycle a dragster sidecar.

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