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Vortex is a Decepticon, and the Combaticon's interrogator, with no scruples as to how his methods affect the subject. No Autobot secret is safe when Vortex is around. Vortex's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian style helicopter/jet.


Fall of Cybertron

Voice actor: Dave Boat (English)

While the Autobots were using a refinery transport to relocate a large amount of Energon, Vortex was sent with Blast Off to scout the transport and clear a path for Brawl. However they were constantly under attack, and Blast Off was separated from Vortex, forcing him to find another route to reach the bridge. As Brawl's artillery couldn't destroy the bridge on its own, Vortex began assaulting the structural supports, disabling the shields of the two outer supports as well as the Autobots guarding them. Vortex then placed a det-pack on the central support's foundation, leading to the bridge's collapse. Vortex and the Combaticons later combined into Bruticus to bring the transport down, however Starscream then had Vortex and the other Combaticons arrested for treason after they had ignored his orders to abort the mission.

When Megatron was restored by Soundwave and drove off Starscream, Vortex helped bring down the former Air Commander's statues and replace it with one of Megatron, and began chatting with Blast Off. He told Megatron it was good to have him back in charge. During the battle between the Nemesis and the Ark, Vortex prepared a unit to infiltrate the Ark via tow-cables (forcing a grunt to call him sir sir), before forming Bruticus with the others. However Jazz and Jetfire knocked the giant out into space. Vortex's and the other Combaticon's fate after this is unclear. Fall of Cybertron



  • Vortex (Deluxe, 2012)
    • Accessories:
Vortex is a deluxe-scaled figure that turns into a Cybertronian Helicopter. He comes with a sword weapon, and is capable of forming the left arm for the Bruticus mode with the other Combaticon figures.


Vortex's vehicle mode.

  • Vortex is unique in the War for Cybertron series as he is the only character seen thus far that is a prop vehicle, as opposed to the usual hover jets used by most if not all vehicles in the game.
    • However, he does convert to a jet mode when boosting.
  • He is Bruticus's left arm once again.
  • His ability is a shockwave blast.
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