This article is about the dark sword formed from the Aerial Extermination Mini-Con Team. For the turned-to-evil version of the Star Saber, see Star Saber (Armada).

A43 vorpalsaber

Join the dark si......HEY!!!!

The Vorpal Saber is a twisted copy of the Star Saber, formed by the three Unicron-allied Mini-Cons from the Aerial Extermination Mini-Con Team, Jackknife, Maverick and Skull Buster. It is the personal weapon of Nemesis Prime, its power surging from the blackness of his cruel, mechanized Spark.

Japanese name: Dark Saber


Armada cartoon continuity

After the Autobots and the Decepticons land on a strange world, they were menaced by a rampaging, powerful clone of Optimus Prime. The creature, calling himself Nemesis Prime, was seemingly defeated by Megatron when he fired the Requiem Blaster and blew the clone to pieces. However, the pieces reconnected with each other and Nemesis Prime formed the powerful Dark Saber as an extension of his own flexible, warping body which he used to strike down Demolisher (slicing off his turrets) and Starscream (cutting up one of his wings). The Dark Saber disintegrated when the Mini-Cons arrived to save the other Transformers. Puppet


Micron Legend

  • Air Assault Micron (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MM-17
The Takara Air Assault Team is almost identical to the Hasbro verions of the team of the same name, being a redeco of the Air Defense Team. The three aircraft of the team combine to form the Vorpal Saber/Dark Saber sword, which can be held by any figure that uses 5mm peg-holes for accessories. However, the Takara version uses clear plastic with just a hint of purple to it in place of the Hasbro versions' opaque off-white.
These molds were later retooled to make the Energon Saber, Blizzard Saber, and the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team.
  • Rampage with Hawk and Air Defense Dark Saber Micron
    • Japanese ID number: MS-08
This team was also available in a multi-pack with Wheeljack.


  • The weapon's Japanese name, "Vorpal Saber", is a reference to Lewis Carroll's poem "The Jabberwocky". It is unknown whether this version goes snicker snack.


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