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Volt is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

A high-speed soldier, Volt is dedicated to eradicating the Decepticon threat. His system is turbocharged with enough energy that he can relentlessly pursue his opponents long after other Autobots need to rest and recharge. Volt will also throw himself into danger, confronting even the most powerful of opponents on his own without regard for the consequences. Needless to say, this tends to get him into trouble, often more than he can handle. Volt isn't foolish, though -- he's merely single-minded. If he needs to rescue a comrade or defeat an enemy, he gets right to work doing it. Not his fault if the details get in the way, and besides... he's usually skilled enough to get away with it.

Japanese name: Autovolt


Marvel Comics continuity

Volt was one of several new warriors designed by Bludgeon and his team during their rather brief eternal exile in space. He was brought to life by the Creation Matrix after Megatron,... the guy who inherited Bludgeon's plan to steal the Matrix from Optimus Prime. He joined his fellow Laser Rods and the Rotor Force in attacking the moon Tykos and acquiring the rheanimum for the Decepticons. New Dawn Later, Volt joined Megatron and the Decepticons in allying themselves with the Autobots against the second generation Cybertronians.

Japanese G2 minicomics and story pages

(The Japanese Generation 2 story pages and mini-manga followed the continuity of the animated series, as opposed to the Marvel US Generation 2 comics, which followed the continuity of the Marvel comic series.)

After the Cybertron Alliance failed, and Megatron returned to villainy, Volt rose up at Optimus Prime's side to defend justice. In one of their battles with the Decepticons, Megatron grabbed Volt's partner Electro by the face and held him hostage. Volt charged him, dodging his attack and stabbing the giant Decepticon leader in the back, forcing him to release Electro. He then chased Sizzle into a cave, only to be caught off-guard by the strategist's stealth shielding and stabbed in the shoulder. Learning his lesson ever so well, Volt chased after the Cyberjet named Space Case until the Decepticon led him into a dead end, flipped around, and shot Volt in the back. Still, he apparently managed to survive until the Decepticons were defeated, and was last seen with Electro helping an injured Optimus Prime off the field of battle.

Japanese G2 manga


  • Volt (1994)
Volt transforms into a Ford Coupe hot rod with flame detailing. As a Laser Rod, pressing a button on his hood causes a red LED to light up, making his clear plastic engine glow red. In robot mode, this LED could be moved around at the end of a wire, and could plug into the bottom of either of his fists, allowing his light saber to be similarly illuminated. Also like other Laser Rods, he had a number of different hinges in his limbs and a rubber band waist similar to those of G.I. Joe figures, giving him an unusually large amount of articulation for the time. He could in fact go totally limp in several different ways.

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