Volks is an Optimus from the Generation One series.

Full of Vitamin C.

Volks is a member of the heroic Optimus, who fight against the evil Malignus robots.

Note: The toys from the Brazilian sub-series commonly referred to as "Optimus vs. Malignus" do not have bios, but share the same names and molds as previous (factionless) Brazilian releases that used the same bios as their Hasbro counterparts, only in Portuguese. As such, it's possible that Volks is basically Bumblebee, if not the same character outright.


Generation One

  • Volks (Mini Vehicle, 1985)
A redeco of the Mini Vehicle Bumblebee, Volks transforms into a "penny-racer"-proportions Volkswagen Beetle. He was released only in Brazil by Estrela, and was available in two different color schemes: orange or red. He also has a new "Optimus" faction sigil decal in robot mode.
All of the "Optimus/Malignus" Mini Vehicle releases are considered fairly rare, and go for a fairly high price on the secondary market, particularly the secondary color schemes; though considering the second Volks is red, a color Bumblebee was also available in domestically, that version isn't in particularly high demand.
This mold was also retooled to make Bug Bite and Glyph.

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