Prime of Micron Volcano package art

Volcano (ボルケーノ Borukēno) wields the power to manipulate magma, which he uses to summon forth volcanoes under his feet and shape the magma that spews out into weapons and armor for his partner, Grimlock.



  • Volcano & Grimlock Volcano Armor (Mini-Con Battle Pack, 2016)
    • Japanese ID Number: TAV42
Adventuretoy Volcano
A redeco of Major Mayhem, Volcano transforms from a mechanical spheroid into a robot. As a Cyclone Mini-Con, he is designed to be launched from the Deployer Crazybolt and Overload toys. He has multiple indents which look like Mini-Con armor attachment points, but he does not actually come with any armor. He shares similar engineering with, but is not a retool of, Undertone. For some reason, his head is attached to a hinge which allows his head to point skyward but otherwise doesn't seem to serve any purpose.
Volcano was only available as part of a "Battle Pack" with "Volcano Armor" Grimlock.

  • Optimus Prime & Grimlock Supreme Armor Set (multi-pack, 2016)
    • Japanese ID Number: TAV45
A "Supreme Power Volcano" was available in a 4-pack with Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Supreme Power Gravity. This toy is redecoed in the same green and black color scheme as Grimlock, and has a silver face and golden crest.
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