"Area 51's got nothin' on this place."
― Vogel on New York's undergrounds in Tunnel Vision.

Mr. Vogel, known simply as Vogel, is one of the most abso-freakin-lutely dedicated conspiracy theorists there are. From giant snakes to mole men, he knows the truth the media's trying to conceal: subterranean aliens are amassing armies to subjugate humanity. He works as a street sweeper in the New York subway underground.


"Tunnel Vision"

When Jack and Miko wandered the New York City subway, Vogel found and questioned them about their presence in the subway tunnels. Quick thinking by Miko convinced him that they were lost students, and he offered to take them on a ride in his sweeper train. There, he recounted stories of mole men and monsters supposed to lurk within the depths of the tunnels. The two children made an escape, which Vogel didn't notice.

Vogel later found them prowling through the tunnels again, and was less than satisfied with one of Jack's lies. Instead, Miko told Jack to tell him the truth, realizing that a conspiracy theorist wouldn't be so bad to tell. He was enthusiastic about the prospect of "metal mole men", and when he got the chance to run one down, he eagerly took it. However, the ordeal broke his brake line, and he had to rely on another mole man to change the switch lever so he didn't run into a wall. Vogel's final act of heroism came when he, after passing through a ghostly mole man mowed down the same evil one as before. Now knowing about the aliens, Agent Fowler deputized him into the nonexistent Department of Interstellar Relations. 



  • Vogel is voiced by the same person who voiced Leadfoot and Crosshairs in the live action Transformers movies.
  • Vogel only appears in Tunnel Vision.
  • His name is likely a reference to The Hub's Mike Vogel.
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