Visser Three is a Yeerk in the Animorphs continuity.

Visser Three is the leader of the Yeerks invading Earth. He is the only Yeerk to control an Andalite body, and therefore the only Yeerk who can morph.

Visser Three's known animal forms include an Inferno Beast and a Hork-Bajir. Um, that'd be "alien" and "another alien."



  • Visser Three/Inferno Creature (Mega, 1999)
Visser Three's first toy transforms from an Andalite (a blue and tan centaur with a scorpion tail) into an "Inferno Creature" (a somewhat humanoid alien monster). The Inferno Creature's left hand, which becomes the Andalite's left hind leg, fires a missile. He has no transitional third mode.
  • Visser Three (Ultra, 1999)
Visser Three's second toy keeps the two modes of his original toy (more or less) and adds a third mode, a Hork-Bajir (sort of an alien quadripedal-dinosaur-thing), which fires a missile from each hand.

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