Mysterious visitors bring mystery, intrigue and bad comedy to the Beast Wars!

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Writer: Bob Forward

Music and sound effects: Vince DiCola
Date of performance: June 20, 1998


Packrat and Onyx Primal, scouting Predacon territory looking for a weird meteorite, stumble upon a strange device. They are suddenly attacked by Fractyl and Vice Grip, who were also looking for this Predacon artifact. During their battle, a "shadowy figure" appears, swipes the device, and vanishes.

Silverbolt and Rattrap show up and help beat the Preds. But in comes Antagony, who demands the device. Before she can attack them, though, Megatron flies in. She reacts violently to him, claiming to have searched for him across the cosmos.

Before she can reveal why she searched for Megatron, Optimus Primal arrives on scene, offering peace. Antagony fires on Optimus, Optimus takes her down, and Megatron shoots down Optimus. Antagony takes Waspinator hostage, but accidentally shoots him. Her power fades, and she collapses. Megatron takes her captive.


"The BS&P will not save you this time, Maximals. For your doom is at hand!"

--Antagony is truly a formidable foe

Items of note

  • This tongue-in-cheek Beast Wars story was only presented as a live reading at BotCon '98.
  • The story is highly satirical, with self-referential and fourth-wall-breaking humor. For instance, at one point David Kaye, reading Megatron, shoots and "kills" audience member Ben Yee, who "dies wallowing in his own gore".
  • The "shadowy figure" is Apelinq, as revealed in Apelinq's War Journals.
  • Scott McNeil's portrayal of Packrat was based on Ed Norton, the Honeymooners character played by Art Carney, to go along with Gary Chalk's Jackie-Gleason-inspired voice for Onyx Primal. This was reportedly a spur-of-the-moment decision, arrived at about a minute before the presentation started.
  • When Antagony claims to be Megatron's worst enemy, he assumes she is Raksha. Antagony says that after much searching, she found Megatron via Ben Yee's website.
  • 3H members indicated that the story of how Fractyl, Packrat, and the other non-show characters arrived on ancient Earth and why they weren't seen in the show would be later told, but this never happened.
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