Vince is a teenage boy who attends Memorial High School in Jasper, Nevada. He's a jerk and a bully, especially to Jack Darby. He also takes part in street racing. Vince is a minor character on the show.   


Vince made his first appearance in Speed Metal. He challenged Jack to a race. Sierra and her friend watched Vince and Jack race. Jack won and word spread throughout their school. Miko Nakadai and Raf congratulated Jack for beating Vince, but they are supposed to keep it a secret from the other Autobots, especially from Optimus Prime. Later, Vince challenged Jack again only this time the race was at an illegal street race with other illegal street racers. During their race, Vince was captured by Knock Out when Jack was riding in his car. While team prime comes to the rescue, Optimus found out about it and quickly saved Vince from Knock Out. Vince woke up and found himself riding in Jack's car. Jack explained that "some guys" jumped Vince under the bridge. Jack tells Vince that after what he saw, he won't be racing anymore. Vince insults Jack again and Jack leaves Vince all alone.

In Legacy, Vince threw a burger at Jack who was inside Smokescreen in vehicle mode. The burger messed up Smokescreen's side mirror but Jack and Smokescreen got their revenge on Vince by throwing a lot of trash with food on his car. Jack showed Arcee a picture of their mess on Vince's car, which left no impression on her.


  • He owns a sports car which is later covered in chilli fries from a prankster. Vince never appeared in Season 3.
  • Vince's license plate is "281 DIL"


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