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Running in TV Magazine from April 1989 to January 1990, the Victory manga lasted for ten issues, all of which were written by Masumi Kaneda and featured artwork by Ban Magami.

The Victory manga is a distinct anomaly amongst the Transformers manga series. Like Super-God Masterforce before it, the Victory manga was independent of the anime, telling its own story, whereas all the previous manga had supplemented the TV shows, weaving between their episodes. However, while the Masterforce manga essentially told a variation of the anime's storyline, hitting the same basic plot points and themes and employing characters in the same manner, the Victory manga is a completely different story from the anime. Additionally, while the other mangas (Masterforce included) had very little in the way of continuing story, focusing more on single-chapter tales, Victory has a very defined story arc running from beginning to end, focusing on Jean Minakaze and manga-exclusive character Solon Kitakaze.

All this is probably due to the fact that while Masumi Kaneda originated the original concept for Victory, the anime was headed up by Hiroyuki Hoshiyama. Consequently, it wound up going in a significantly different direction to the manga, where Kaneda was busy employing the original ideas that he had for the series. As one might expect from the creator of Super-God Masterforce, Kaneda's manga featured a particularly pronounced human involvement, with Solon, additional manga-exclusive character Patty Minakaze, and returning Masterforce characters Shūta Gō and Cab teaming up with Jean to create an armored group called the Victories. On an artistic level, the manga even employed different character designs than the anime, using Ban Magami's original designs for Jean and Illumina before they were modified for television, resulting in a distinctly different look for the pair.

This does not, however, change the fact that the manga could also be thoroughly bizarre at times, including such oddities as Deathsaurus being terrified of a caterpillar, four young boys wandering around in robot hot pants, and its infamous conclusion, featuring the first canonical appearance of female Decepticons and little tiny baby Decepticons.


So all you teenage boys out there, when was the last time your Dad made you scrub his back in the shower?.

  • Magnificent! Our Friend, Star Saber! (かっこいいぞ!僕らの味方、スターセイバー!)
  • Great Turn-Around! Star Saber (大逆転!スターセイバー)
  • Leozack Rumbles Violently! (レオザック大暴れ!)
  • Warrior of Love, Star Saber! (愛の戦士スターセイバー!)
  • Watch Out, Jean! Hurry, Star Saber! (危うし、ジャン!急げ、スターセイバー!)
  • The Planet of Friendship, Jean and Star Saber! (友情の星、ジャンとスターセイバー!)
  • The Strongest Partners, the Combination of Victory! (最強コンビ、勝利の合体!)
  • Mighty! Victory Saber (強いぞ!ビクトリーセイバー)
  • Shine! The Five Stars of Victory (輝け!勝利の五つ星)
  • Heroic! The Victory War (壮絶!ビクトリー大戦争)

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