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Victory Title.jpg

A rebellion (and explosion) at the Predacon base seemingly leads to a Maximal victory.

Japanese title: メーク・ドラマだデストロン (Make Drama da Destron "Make a Dramatic Comeback, Destrons")


The Maximals watching the Predicons

Through a secret spy cam installed in the Predacon base, the Maximals watch as the Predacons attempt to use a device to increase the size and power of energon crystals. But when the experiment fails and Megatron demands another crystal specimen for a retest, his troops refuse; apparently, the continuous testing has wasted most of their energon supplies, and this latest failure has convinced the other Predacons (even Scorponok) to turn on their leader. A firefight soon breaks out, which ends up detonating the remaining energon in a huge explosion that seems to destroy the Predacon base. As the video feed goes dead, the Maximals are shocked; they have just won the Beast Wars.

Heading to the Pred base to investigate, the Maximals find it in ruins, with little more than charred debris and a few scant Pred parts to confirm the group's demise. Rattrap, sensitive guy that he is, is rather pleased at the development, while Dinobot is more somber, enough to completely ignore Rattrap's attempts to pick an argument with him; despite defecting, he still feels some kinship with the Predacons, and laments their destruction. However, Dinobot's loss is the other Maximals' gain, as they decide to ransack the Predacon base for its star drive components in order to repair the Axalon for the trip home.

As the repairs are completed, Dinobot comes clean with Optimus about his mood as of late; he's convinced that he'll be executed as a Predacon criminal if he returns to Cybertron, and would rather try and tame the wild world they've found themselves on. Optimus, being an Optimus, tries to convince him that they'll stand up for him, but his mind is set, and he is eventually let go to wander the wilderness.

The Predicons waiting to attack the Maximals

Just as the Maximals are ready to take off, though, the wandering Dinobot stumbles upon the very alive and functional Predacon crew hiding in a crevasse; they had found the spy camera before the incident, and used it to trick the Maximals into thinking them dead, planning on stealing the repaired Axalon and leaving the Maximals stranded. Dinobot makes a mad dash back to the Maximal ship to warn them of the Preds' duplicity, but gives himself away to the Preds, who give chase in an attempt to stop him.

Fortunately, Dinobot is able to get within the Maximals' visual range before he's gunned down, and Optimus and Cheetor head down to help him; the launch cannot be aborted, though, so he insists they take off without him or Dinobot if they're not able to get back on in time. Cheetor's able to get Dinobot to safety in the ensuing firefight, but Optimus is tagged by an errant missile from Scorponok, sending him plummeting.

Megatron thrown off the Axalon

Soon afterwards, Megatron himself manages to get on board, and briefly takes out most of the other Maximals, before being subdued and ejected from the ship by Rhinox. The scuffle, though, has the unforeseen consequence of jamming Megs' tail weapon into the control console, cutting the Axalon's engines and sending it on a one-way trip back to terra firma.

All seems lost, when Optimus - now fully recovered - comes in to save the day, pulling a Superman and exhausting his jetpack to slow the ship's descent enough to ease it back in its original place. Although no one is critically injured, the collateral damage has been done; the Axalon will never fly again. And just to ensure that everything is back to normal, the episode ends with Rattrap and Dinobot verbally tearing into each other, to the other Maximals' amusement.


"Cool. Now, aren't you glad we got cable?"

Cheetor upon seeing the fake uprising.

"Alas, poor Tarantulas. I knew him, Cheetor. This is the leg that stalked so many victims. That it should come to this..."
"Aww, do you need a hug?"

Dinobot and Cheetor, sharing a moment.

"Give Waspinator more room! Tarantulas fat enough already!"
"If Waspinator does not stop cuddling me like a stuffed toy when he sleeps, I'll eat him as well!!"

Tarantulas, shedding light on Waspinator and his soft side.

"Should've left me behind."
"Hey Pal, Optimus got left behind just to save your scaly skin, so don't spoil the sacrifice, capice?"
"Oh, but it is already spoiled, Yesss!"

Dinobot and Rattrap arguing and Megatron interupting.

"None of that vermin, Nooo! For now I will crush you like a Rat in a Trap!"

Megatron as he tries to kill Rattrap.


Writers: Wendy Reardon
Original air date: November 1, 1996


(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons


  • According to Tarantulas, Waspinator cuddled him like a teddy bear. Okay.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Dinobot is shot by Megatron's forces, he falls. After the cutaway to Primal, it pans out to show Dinobot "floating" on the ground for a few seconds.
  • Despite popular belief, Waspinator refers to himself as 'I' in this episode as well as in "Nemesis Part 1" (making it at least twice that he's referred to himself in the first-person). If you listen closely to him after Tarantulas threatens to "Eat him as well", Waspinator responds "I'd like to see you try." Judging by the length of the sentence, he couldn't possilbly have said his name in the third-person.

Continuity errors

  • The Predacons' plan involves going into hiding and waiting until the Maximals have finished repairing the Axalon and then commandeering it. However, it's not made clear how exactly they would know when the ship was ready, nor how they would be able to take control of it when the time was right. When they masterminded this entire plan in order to take control of the Axalon once repairs were complete, they seemed to be very ill-prepared to mount an assault on the ship when it was ready to take off.
    • They probably thought that they had more time to prepare but had a wrench thrown in their plans when Dinobot found their hiding place.
  • The Maximals continue with their operation to return to Cybertron even after learning that the Predacons were still online (Although Rhinox's comment about his inability to shut the Axalon down having started lift-off may explain this; they were taking what they believed to be their only chance to get home in the hopes that they could send another ship after the Predacons later).
  • When Dinobot is shot, Optimus Primal is in his humanoid mode. However, when we come back from the break and Dinobot's retaliation against the Predacons, Optimus is in his beast mode, which he changes out of less than a minute later. Weird.
  • Optimus has to transform from Energon build up when neither Cheetor or Dinobot did, Dinobot being in humanoid mode for much longer than Optimus (It may be that the blast Optimus sustained in the fight before he reverted damaged his body's ability to cope with the energon build-up).
  • When the Maximals arrive at the Darksyde, they see the ship's rear section of the fuselage collapse and appear more level with its front section. However, in every later episode until after the Quantum Surge (which further damages the ship), the rear section pointing in their air as it did before this episode.

Transformers references

Real-world references

  • Dinobot paraphrases Hamlet for the first (and not the last) time upon finding several of Tarantulas's legs.
  • The exchange between Dinobot, Rhinox & Rattrap as Optimus saves the Axalon ("Look! Down in the sky! Is it a bird"? "Maybe a plane?" "Nah, it's Optimus!") riffs on a cliche line from Superman, as does the John Williams-esque music that plays immediately afterward.
  • When Optimus Primal falls from the Axalon after Scorponok shoots him down, it is eerily familiar to the famous death scene in the movie King Kong.

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