Galvatron completes work on Unicron's toilet.

Ultra Magnus makes a last ditch attempt to stop Galvatron from activating his power siphon.

Published in: Transformers Annual 1988
Preceded by: Doomsday for Nebulos
Followed by: Stylor's Story

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencillers: Anderson
Inking: Harwood


Note: This story follows directly from the mainline comic story Fire on High!.

Rodimus Prime and Wreck-Gar’s plan to return Galvatron to the future has failed. Only Ultra Magnus and Goldbug remain to stop the insane Decepticon from using the Power Siphon that he has built atop Mount Verona. At first Ultra Magnus refuses to fight, tired of being beaten. Goldbug is disgusted and goes to face Galvatron alone.

Goldbug is quickly overpowered but before Galvatron can deliver the killing blow, Ultra Magnus arrives, having roused himself from his depression. During the course of the ensuing battle Galvatron rips a piece of the siphon’s control equipment loose. This results in the siphon losing control of the volcano’s eruption. Ultra Magnus tells Goldbug to escape while he holds Galvatron at bay. Galvatron is too crazed to notice the danger and as Goldbug makes his way clear the volcano erupts, destroying the siphon and entombing Ultra Magnus and Galvatron within the crater.

Note: This story is continued in the mainline comic story Ladies' Night.


  • Goldbug is shown with a blue Autobot faction symbol at the end of the story.
  • The line "Ultra Magnus! You came!" is presumably supposed to be spoken by Goldbug but the speech bubble looks as though it's pointing at Ultra Magnus.

Items of note

  • Galvatron escapes from the volcano in Enemy Action!
  • Ultra Magnus is rescued from the volcano by the Sparkabots in Salvage!
  • No letterer or colourist is credited.
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