Among Megatron's band of Predacon lunatics, Vice Grip is an aberration. He is unerringly loyal to his leader, completely dependable, and puts his all into every mission he is assigned. There is little with which to find fault in Vice Grip. Even the most lecherous of Predacons under Megatron's command has respect for him.


Tales of the Beast Wars

Visitations live script reading

Voice actor: Scott McNeil

When Packrat and Onyx Primal found a Predacon "plot device" artifact, Vice Grip and Fractyl attacked them, but were defeated when Silverbolt and Rattrap arrived. The two flew off to go have a drink and tell filthy jokes to each other.

3H Wreckers comics

To help Arcee out of her depression, Fractyl mentioned the painful loss of his friend. It is possible that this was Vice Grip.



He's fun in a bag!

Beast Wars

  • Vice Grip (Basic, 1998)
Vice Grip was a BotCon 1998 exclusive toy. A blue and gray redeco of Powerpinch, he transforms into an earwig. His insect-mode tail becomes a hand-weapon with snapping pincers.
This mold was also used to make Beast Wars II Scissor Boy.
Vice Grip came in a clear plastic baggy with a tech spec card, one of the few convention toys to be sold in that manner during the 3H era. Attendee feedback indicated that the majority preferred the toys to have more impressive packaging, even though this meant higher prices.

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