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One shall stand, one shall eat dust.

Investigating a mysterious race car, Bumblebee gets involved with an illegal underground street racing circuit, which also captures the attention of the Decepticons.

German title: "Schneller als der Wind" ("Faster than the Wind")
Japanese title: "'Ratings Race!" (視聴率レース! Shichōritsu Race!)


Yeah, sure, THIS oughta help her stay calm.

On the highways of Detroit, the Autobots are driving under the moonlight, searching for an AllSpark fragment. As Bumblebee complains about the boring nature of their task, several cars speed past them. Bulkhead recognizes them as racers for Street Demon, a show he and Sari watch. Calling them amateurs, Bumblebee decides to show off and speeds ahead. As he boasts, a blue racer comes in and rams two drivers off the road. Bumblebee wants to go after him, while Prime says that the drivers need help. Still, Bumblebee pursues, discovering that the car is quite fast. As the Autobots render assistance, Captain Fanzone arrives and arrests the two drivers. Bulkhead is shocked to learn that the Street Demons are on an illegal racing circuit, while Bumblebee rolls up, transforms, and falls down, breathing heavily...somehow.

Back at the plant, Bumblebee thinks that he can beat the blue racer with his turbo boosters. Prime and Ratchet refuse, and Bumblebee shouts that nothing on Earth is faster than him. This train of thought leads Bumblebee to the conclusion that the blue racer is a Decepticon. Prowl points out that the racer was uninterested in the Autobots, and Prime orders Bumblebee not to use the boosters. Meanwhile, Bulkhead comes down on Sari over Street Demon, but Sari says that they're not helping the illegal show in any way, since she's pirating the signal. As Bulkhead laments about how the Autobots need to set a good example, Bumblebee walks in and smooths things over, saying that he'll straighten out Sari. Once Bulkhead is out of audio sensor range, Bumblebee has Sari show him the races. He asks her to track down where the broadcast came from, and with the help of the Key, he finds out where they are.

Optimus Prime's evil twin brother, come back for revenge!!

At an irrigation channel, Bumblebee, having taken his turbo boosters, joins in a training race, finally getting the hang of his boosters. Seeing what is going on, Master Disaster, the host of Street Demon, uses some sort of remote control to send out the blue racer to attack Bumblebee. Finally getting tired of being attacked, Bumblebee transforms into robot mode, causing Master Disaster to call off the attack. Instead, Disaster invites the Autobot to participate in the next race. Bumblebee agrees, on the condition that blue racer is present. As Bumblebee rolls out, Disaster notes that with an Autobot racing, their ratings will triple...and get even higher if said Autobot were to suffer an "accident".

At the plant, Bulkhead brings Sari a cup of hot chocolate, but Bumblebee calls on her cell phone, revealing his misadventure and allowing Bulkhead to learn what is going on. Before he can further dig his own grave elaborate, Bumblebee stops short when he sees a plane—Blitzwing. Following the Decepticon, Bumblebee overhears Blitzwing communicate with Megatron about an AllSpark fragment he was tracking. Convinced it involves the blue racer, Bumblebee heads back to the plant. He tells Sari what is going on, only for Bulkhead to come down on Bumblebee for what he's doing. Bumblebee tells him about Blitzwing, the AllSpark fragment, and his suspicions about the blue racer being a Decepticon, insisting that he can only discover the truth if he races. Bulkhead agrees to allow it on the condition that he is brought along as well, but Bumblebee fibs. However, when Sari catches him going out, she forces him to take Bulkhead listens in.

In an interrogation room, Fanzone questions one of the drivers. Using the threat of imprisonment, Fanzone learns that the next race will be at Dix and Vernor, and he intends to get there before the races which point he walks right into a door.

At the race site, Master Disaster is making the final preparations, when the Key glows in the direction of Disaster's truck. Sneaking aboard, she finds the remote, then flees while Disaster announces the two-minute mark. As he reaches for the remote, he discovers what Sari did, forcing Bumblebee and Sari to escape. Thinking the race has started, the other drivers follow. As Bulkhead prepares to roll out and follow them, Blitzwing freezes the Autobot, then flies after the other two. Sari opens the remote and finds the AllSpark fragment, while Bumblebee detects Blitzwing. Seeing the flier, he dives through an arch, which Blitzwing freezes, cutting off the rest of the racers. Failing in his attempts to destroy Bumblebee from above, Blitzwing goes to tank mode, but is buried under rubble when he destroys a bridge support.

...kinda one-sided, ain't it.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee sees Fanzone's car and tries to reach him. Fanzone is forced to jump into Bumblebee as Blitzwing destroys his car. As Blitzwing continues his strafing, Sari uses the remote to control Blitzwing, but it falls from her hands and out of the car. As they near another bridge, the blue racer crashes through the bridge's retaining wall and plays a game of Midair Chicken with Blitzwing. At first, Blitzwing is prepared to fight and die, but he turns away, crashing first into a building and then into Master Disaster's truck. Bumblebee deposits the two humans on the road, then goes to finish off Blitzwing, despite being vastly outsized and outgunned. Fortunately, the fight has brought them back to where the remote was. However, Blitzwing destroys a bridge above Bumblebee, also freeing Bulkhead. As Blitzwing prepares to deliver the killing blow, Sari uses the remote to control Blitzwing (as well as Bumblebee, who crashes into Bulkhead). Finally, Sari sends Blitzwing into high altitude. As Master Disaster tries to sneak away, Fanzone places him under arrest.

Back at the plant, Prime decides to store the remote in a safe place, while Bumblebee decides to set a better example for Sari—starting by ending her pirated satellite connection. As Sari jokingly warns Bumblebee not to set too good of an example (lest she not recognize him), Bumblebee notices the blue racer speed past the plant. Bumblebee shouts out a "thank you", but is left wondering who the blue racer really is.


  • Written by: Len Uhley
  • Directed by: Irineo Maramba, Christopher Berkeley, & Kenji Itoso
  • Original airdate: May 10, 2008

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Prowl: Think calm thoughts.
Ratchet: And DON'T MOVE!
[Metallic "ka-shink" as Prowl extends one of his blades]

—Prowl and Ratchet scare the heck out of a female racer. Note how Ratchet yells at her after Prowl tells her to be calm. Guess he still has to work on his interpersonal skills.

Fanzone: I've been after them for weeks. They're part of an underground racing circuit.
Bulkhead: You mean they race in tunnels?
Fanzone: Underground as in illegal. As in they race in the streets and don't care who gets hurt.
Bulkhead: That's not what Sari told me.
Optimus: What purpose does this street race serve?
Fanzone: Eh, what else? They get a couple a' million pay-per-view customers for their pirate broadcasts, then it's "cha-ching cha-ching", big bucks.

—Captain Fanzone introduces the Autobots to the seedy world of underground racing.

Bumblebee: Lighten up, Bulkhead. We're supposed to be the fun bots, remember?
Bulkhead: Yeah, but we still gotta set a good example. She looks up to us.
Bumblebee: Hello, she looks up to everybody.
Sari: HEY!

—Bumblebee should be more sensitive about size issues.

Icy Blitzwing: Blitzwing to Megatron. Ze allspark fragment signal I was tracking down has disappeared... again.
Megatron: Rubbish. Allspark fragraments don't "disappear". Keep searching.
Bumblebee: An allspark fragment? I bet that blue racer is behind this.

[In the interrogation room]
Captain Fanzone: [To Roxi Sparkles] All right, so, who's runnin' this racket?
Roxy Sparkles: Hey man, I get paid good to be in these races-[His wrist cracks from his injury]- ow... Why should I tell you, huh?
Captain Fanzone: Because with the charges I've got against you... [Gets threateningly in Roxy's face] The next time you go racing, you'll be using a walker!
Roxy Sparkles: [Intimidated] I can't name names... But if you happen to be in the vicinity of Dix and Vernor tonight at two... not that you'll ever get there in time...
Captain Fanzone: [Turns to leave] Eh, relax. [Slides his security card through scanner] I know lots of shortcuts. [The door hasn't opened yet, and Fanzone, still looking to his side, runs right into the door. The door opens, leaving Fanzone groaning angrily] This is why I hate machines.

— You have to open the door first before getting to these shortcuts, Captain.

Bulkhead: What did you get youself into now, Bumblebee? I guess it's time for me to-
[Blitzwing freezes Bulkhead]
Icy Blitzwing: Chill out, Autobot.

Hothead Blitzwing: Blast zis compact concrete!

"HA! I vill crush all zat stands in my vay!"

Hothead Blitzwing, right before he is crushed by the rubble of a bridge had previously stood in his way. Hothead is his own worst enemy.

Car Navigation: Turn left. Turn left. Turn left.
Captain Fanzone: Hey, if I want a backseat driver, I'll call my mother-in-law!

Random Blitzwing: Oh, isn't zat cute? Zey're twins!!
Icy Blitzwing: Readings indicate zat one of zem has ze AllSpark fragment.
Hothead Blitzwing: I vill destroy zem both!

—Whenever in doubt, Blitzwing's personalities can agree on one thing—destroy everything.

" know that's comin' out of my paycheck."

Captain Fanzone manages to see the down side of being saved before Blitzwing destroyed his car.

[referring to Bumblebee's vehicle mode]
"How come your interior's so much cleaner than mine?"
"Hmm, maybe 'cause it's not on fire?"

Captain Fanzone gets zinged by Sari.

Captain Fanzone: He's still coming!
Sari: Maybe this will slow him down.
Hothead Blitzwing: Vhat is happening?! Vhy can't I control myself?!
Random Blitzwing: Not zat I ever could! AHAHAHA!
Sari: See? This is how Master Disaster fixed his races. By making the blue racer do whatever he wanted.
Random Blitzwing: Oh, dizzy. Not liking ze dizzy!

—As Sari takes control, Hothead Blitzwing wants it back, while Random Blitzwing has accepted his insanity.

"Well, that's the trouble with bending the rules—cough—they usually snap right back in your face."

—Lessons in life from Captain Fanzone

Icy Blitzwing: And now to finish zis.

Hothead Blitzwing: Never give up!
Icy Blitzwing: Never surrender!
Random Blitzwing: NEVER MIND!!
[Blitzwing swerves off into a nearby building]

—Blitzwing and the mysterious racer play a game of Chicken.

Random Blitzwing: Ooh! Lucky I landed on something soft!
Bumblebee: Okay, Blitzwing. Put up your hands.
Icy Blitzwing: My pleasure.
Hothead Blitzwing: (fires turrets at the underpass above Bumblebee)

Captain Fanzone: (throws Master Disaster into handcuffs) Mister, you've just been cancelled.


  • In the Japanese version, it was aired as the twentieth episode.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Sari doesn't actually take off her seatbelt when she leaves Bumblebee's driver's seat to investigate Master Disaster's trailer. The whole shoulder-strap just moves with her, then we hear the sound of Bumblebee's door opening then closing.
  • In the long overhead shot towards the beginning of the Bumblebee/Blitzwing chase (shortly after a wall of ice blocks the human racers off), Bumblebee does not get smaller as he moves further into the distance.
  • When Bumblebee is stuck in some oil, he is unable to speed forward, even with his boosters. Yet, seconds later, he speeds backwards without a problem.
  • When Prowl is rescuing the female racer from her car, his head is HUUUUGE compared to the car.

Continuity errors

  • Hothead Blitzwing demonstrates the ability to function in jet mode, instead of automatically switching to tank mode as he did in "Megatron Rising - Part 2". His ice missiles are replaced with conventional explosive ones. Or maybe it was just Random who was in control at that moment?
  • Bumblebee is using rocket boosters similar to the ones in "Nanosec," despite the fact they were destroyed and lost. It could be that Isaac Sumdac built him new ones, but given his absence and the fact that the replacements are never touched upon before hand, it is unlikely.
  • After Sari drops the AllSpark fragment, Bumblebee continues going in a straight line for about a minute, then letting Sari to the AllSpark fragment again somehow.
  • Bumblebee is probably already much faster than Fanzone's car, So why when he has the Turbo Boosters on full blast? Are they going at the same speed?

Transformers references

  • The female racer Ratchet and Prowl help out bears a passing resemblance to Kelly, right down to having an encounter with talking cars/giant robots and being rather luckless, although this appears to be coincidental.
  • Master Disaster's truck slightly resembles Nemesis Prime's truck mode (this is mentioned in the picture above).
  • Also, Master Disaster's name is possibly a reference to Master Blaster.

Real-world references

  • Wondering where Bumblebee came from, Master Disaster invokes the name of Detroit auto mogul Henry Ford (and also calls Bumblebee a "clown car").
  • Blitzwing's "Never give up! Never surrender! NEVER MIND!" quote refers to the catchphrase from the Dreamworks film, Galaxy Quest.
  • In this episode, Blitzwing's cannons make the familiar "high tension cable twang" normally associated with laser cannons in the Star Wars films.
  • The first car that passes Bumblebee at the beginning of the episode resembles the 1999 Nissan Skyline From 2003's 2 Fast 2 Furious.
  • Some of the scenes in this episode may be construed as parodies of Speed Racer including the blue racer's car design resembling the Mach 4 to Mach 6.


  • Fanzone's car explodes. Again. At least we know where he gets the replacements.
  • It seems that the Autobots have gained a better culinary understanding than they had in Return of the Headmaster to the point where they know how heated cocoa powder in milk and hot water can be considered edible.
  • Master Disaster's logo is similar to the Cobra logo, which is most likely a coincidence. The top part of it also looks a little like the Maximal Symbol in Beast Wars.

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